Create Your Elevator Pitch

Create Your Elevator Pitch

Have you ever had trouble coming up with a coherent answer when someone asked you what you did for a living? Being an online entrepreneur can seem hard to describe, but it’s easy, really! I’m going to tell you how to create your best elevator pitch so you feel super confident when you're heading out to dinner parties, networking events, or telling people online what you do.

What shock does it take to get you to take action?


I had a mixed weekend if I am honest with you Penny and wanted to share with you why. I was outside my house at 5am on Saturday morning, not even the sun had taken off her PJ’s at this time; two friends and I were driving to the first of the Ocean Swim Series. The season was kicking off at Mount Maunganui (3 hours away), where we would swim around two islands.


The water is so clear you can see the crabs at the bottom and jelly fish pulsing along. While navigating the islands, 900 other people and the jelly fish I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. And oddly it was to me; for always putting myself out there. I rarely waiver in my decisions and have a ‘give it a go attitude’. I mean, really Penny you are probably thinking I am mad to go in 15 degree water, loaded with stinging jelly fish and 3,600 legs and arms bashing around me. And if I had really thought about it I would have to agree with you.

As we were leaving the event it became apparent that one swimmer was unaccounted for. He was found and pronounced dead on the beach. 


Now, I don’t want to this to be a downer email. After the shock, it reiterated to me that I am so proud of myself for really going for my dreams everyday. Right from completing 18 Ironman's to closing $250,000 deals. I have always just gone for the top.


I did a Facebook Live (watch here) about ‘What shock does it take for you to take action’, based on the recent earthquakes here in New Zealand. And this drowning was another example of a shock in life that then sends people on a chain of action events realising that there is no time to be unhappy with life. 


Maybe you have had a health scare or a loved one die or a natural disaster that has made you think ‘stuff this, I am making the most of my life’ and taken action. 


Or maybe you haven’t and think ‘I’ll take up the piano next year’ or ‘I’ll make more money in 2017’.


I am here to tell you Penny not to wait for the shock and take action everyday to head towards your dreams. 


You have the power within you to be successful and make your dreams a reality. 


All you need to do is dream big enough, yep, the ones of gigantic jelly fish proportions, and then set tangible steps to achieving them. 


Then, and this is the important part, stick to it each and everyday to hit those tiny steps. Before you know it something you thought was miles out of reach and only a dream will be right in your hand. 


A great example is weight loss. You want to loose 5 pounds yet you know you need to loose it evenly and sustainably by increasing exercise and decreasing the sweet treats. Everyday you have to give attention to this in order to hit the big goal of 5 pounds or 3 kilograms. 


It is the same with your dreams or desires. So don’t wait for a shock to drive you in to action. Do it today and start turning your dreams in to reality. 


You have got this!


That Monday morning feeling. It happens to us all. How to fix it.


After an amazing weekend it can feel rather draughting to head back in to a working week. I know that when I worked for the big corporates I used to take a big breath when I left the house. I’d then battle the traffic, quickly clearing my messages at the lights, knowing that a lot of work was needed to be done in the week ahead. 

Now I own my business I don’t have that Monday morning battle. I do still take a deep breath though. And this morning was rather unique. 

You see I woke this morning to news that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake had rocked the South Island of New Zealand during the night. Reading the news that was coming in I felt for the people of the area. It looked scary and I was glad to live out of the fault line zone. 

I had so many messages from friends around the world checking in on me. This really touched my heart. It made me realise how thankful I was to surround myself with amazing woman, all in the entrepreneurial world, that support me not only in business but in my personal life too. 

I have been part of a group for the past six months where we were all learning, growing and developing together; this has brought us together in a unique strong bond. You know what? I am so grateful to have this support network around me. It makes the Monday morning deep breath easier to handle when I know that I can reach out to any of them and share my fears, my doubts and ask for support. 

It was at our graduation at The Ritz in London last month that I realised having that support network around you is not only about having someone to have a glass of bubbles with (virtually or in the flesh) but is also to support you through the not-so-easy times too. 


It is always easy to find someone to celebrate wins with you. It is almost impossible to find someone to mastermind with you to get out of a funk. Maybe you can relate?

So I ask, who have you got supporting you?

It was through my reaching out for coaching support I made this break through. I can now enjoy Monday’s, and any other big tasks that come along, knowing that I have a fantastic group of colleagues all taking a deep breath to tackle the week ahead. 

I want to encourage you to find this support too so that you can have both the celebrations and the doubt-hugs. Look around you and see who you want to have in your support network. Do you want to emulate them or perhaps have them mentor you. Do you feel you need coaching to get this support? Whatever path you take, make sure you take action. Know you are not meant to do this alone. 

Just like the people in the South Island being evacuated, they will support each other to feel safe and loved. You can do this in your biz and life too. 

I believe in you!


The difference of 2 little minutes...


My eyes have finally stopped looking so puffy! Crying my way around a mountain bike race on Sunday was not my intention. Yet that is what happened and I am not proud of it. 

My fiancé and I were at a mountain bike race in central New Zealand. He had entered me in the 3 hour race. The aim is to complete as many 7 kilometre laps in under 3 hours, most laps in the fastest time wins. Simple right? 

Well, it is not so. There are also the 6 and 12 hour competitors going around the same forested loop; meaning lots of passing and congestion.

My tears came bubbling through my Oakley's when I lost my rag with everyone passing me. I am not the fastest mountain biker, I spend most of my time trying to stay on the easiest path, let alone having to move over and let others by. Being passed constantly for 3 hours was a big hit to my ego. 

This got me thinking about how we often get beaten down in our business and feel like everyone else is passing us. It is easy to see someone putting out a new program and think ‘dam, I need to do that’. Or seeing some attention grabbing Facebook posts making you feel inadequate with yours. My favourite is when someone in the industry has rebranded and you look at your own thinking ‘mine looks so amateur’

Simply put, this is the comparison hangover. We compare ourselves to the others and quickly come to the conclusion that our (insert comparison object or action here) is shit. We beat ourselves up and say we must do better or (insert action that will defiantly happen here). 

I got it into my head that all these people passing me were better than me and I was going to be last and be an embarrassment to myself, my fiancé and our other friends at the event. I got so wound up that I got the tears that you start to choke on, all while still pedalling around the forest, lap after lap. 

And you know what happened in the end? I wasn’t last, in fact I was fourth, only 2 little minutes off a podium third place. How silly am I right? If I had stayed focused on being the best I could in that moment I might have made up those 2 little minutes and got a shiny medal, to stand on the podium on stage and feel super proud. 

So, how can you stop the comparison hangover in your life?

Here is my Top 10 to Combat Comparison list for you to use:

  1. Keep repeating mantra’s when you see something that makes you feel like you are behind where you want to be. e.g. I am on track, I am on track, I am on track.
  2. Know that you are enough no matter what everyone else is doing.
  3. Remind yourself that your path is right for you. 
  4. Give yourself social media mini-breaks throughout the day.
  5. Make a list and actually tick some of it off. i.e. Take Action!
  6. Stop talking about what you are going to do and do it (refer to point 5).
  7. Journal. Pour it all out on paper instead of bitching to your friend. It means you won’t offend anyone while comparing, and you will have much greater clarity.
  8. Reflect on where you have come from in your biz. I bet it is further than you realise.
  9. Celebrate all wins, big or small. Some days this can be as simple as getting out of bed and working on your biz. Celebrate with a coffee and a fist pump.
  10. Keep being constant and persistent each day. You might even make up those 2 minutes and be on the podium yourself.

I know you have got this. 

Here’s to no more puffy eyes!


Why does hearing your own voice make you cringe?


As I head off to Peru for two weeks I have got my video back and want to share it with you . Everyone has a story and I am super excited to share mine with you.

Check it out!

For me the filming part wasn't scary at all. I felt totally comfortable looking at the camera's and sharing my story with you. What did feel uncomfortable was watching the replay back again and hearing my own voice. Why is hearing your own voice so cringe worthy?

I know I am not alone. It was comforting to find out the very first thing that comes out of anyone's mouth after Oprah interviews them is 'was that good enough?'. Even Beyoncé asked! 

Let me tell you , you are normal. We all have these fears when showing our vulnerable selfs. 

Elizabeth Gilbert sums fear up in such a fantastic way in her book Big Magic. Gilbert describes fear as always present and we shouldn't try to suppress fear. Instead embrace fear and know it will always be along for the ride. Fear can sit in the passenger seat, play with the radio, put the window down; but it can never drive. You are the driver. 

When you are putting yourself outside of the comfort zone by being creative, take your friend fear along with you and see what magic happens.

I hope you love getting to know me more in my video and why I am so passionate about serving the action takers in the health, fitness and wellness world.



Smiles, Clicks and Takes - it's imagery day!


It is like the night before Christmas here. Tomorrow is a big day! I have a photoshoot in the morning and then recording an introductory video in the afternoon. It is all go!
I'm surrounded in pink clothes, have my teeth whitening trays in my mouth and I'm asking the Universe (strongly) that the weather will be OK tomorrow. I am hoping that I magically loose several kilos' overnight too. Yep, I want it all.

I'm super excited to be taking my business to the next level and bringing more imagery alive for you all. I can't wait to start my video series and move into the YouTube platform. Eek! I always wanted to be the weather girl when I was little. So much so I even tried to change my name by de-pole to Penelope as I thought it sounded posher for when I was on TV presenting. 

So, why am I having more photos taken when I already have some on my website you may ask . And why video too? Good questions. I am not insane. There is method in my madness. Honest! Here's why, and why you should look at your own imagery. 
Having images that portray your business and why clients should choose you is extremely important when looking at your branding and website. You need everything to seamlessly work together; words and images. Your website is your handshake in the online world. 
Look at your website as if you were your clients. Does what you are offering match the images? As an example; you're buying a holiday to Italy and the pictures are all of Disneyland. It just wouldn't work right? 

How are your images working for your biz (on not) on your website? 
Video is another way to bring your website 'handshake' alive. Video is all about bringing you, your brand and your services alive. Video is on the rise too as peoples preferred consumption choice. 

YouTube is the third largest website after Google and Facebook as people self-select what they want to watch. Even when it comes to buying a house. Yep, properties for sale advertised with a video have a 400% greater sale rate than those without.
So, what is stopping you ? 

Does your imagery sing about your business and give a firm handshake?
Most of my clients find having photos taken or being on camera a daunting thought. I know I did. Now I can't wait! 
My tip to my clients and to you  is to book a day out of your calendar, get your hair and make-up done (dudes can too!). Be relaxed and enjoy a day of being all about you. Really think about what your clients would resonate with. Most importantly keep your imagery authentic to you and your business. The day will fly by in a flash of smiles. I promise!  
I can't wait to have a fab day and then share the photos and video with you all. 
Send me good weather vibes!

Much love,


Take Time to Celebrate Your Wins


Who takes time to celebrate these days? We would all like to think we do. Yet most of the time we move so fast we barely stop to pat ourselves on the back, let alone open the champagne and truly celebrate.

I know I was guilty of achieving and then thinking “Next!”. I spent nine years training diligently and racing all over the world in an attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Champs. It was a dream of mine to swim in the warm Hawaiian waters, cycle in the winds to Hawi and cross that famous finish line on Ali’i Drive. I chipped away at my dream for nine whole years, trying to perfect the race that would allow me to qualify. It took 18 attempts at the Ironman distance to qualify for the World Champs. When I finally got to Hawaii, it was a magical day. The best day of my life. 

And, yet you know what, I still haven’t celebrated the completion of this nine-year goal. After the race I flew home to New Zealand and ploughed straight back into my business. I had ticked the list. What was next? Perhaps you can relate to this mindset?

Celebrating wins is so important as it creates the reward system that then attracts more abundance into our lives. When we rush on we don’t show true appreciation and gratitude for the situation or achievement. Taking time to stop, and let the achievement sink in, will uplift your spirit to keep moving forward. As a result more wins will come your way.

I learnt the hard way. Several weeks after I got back from Hawaii I came down with a viral infection that had me glued to my bed for three weeks. Something that drove me, and everyone else around me, bonkers. I missed the Manaslu Mountain Trail Race (an eight day running race in Nepal) and my business suffered without me. My clients suffered without me too. All my diligence had not paid off. I hadn't taken the time to be grateful nor celebrated what I already had. Feel yourself nodding to this? A familiar pattern emerging?

So, I encourage you to make a point of celebrating this week. Do it! However big or small the achievement is, raise the roof in celebration. It might be a new client or a new section on your website. You might have developed a new program or managed to get your taxes in order early. Maybe it's a new logo created or you hit your sales target. It could be as simple as being positive every day in your business.

Whatever the achievement is – celebrate it!

Now if you will excuse me I am going to open a bottle of Verve Cliquot and celebrate a fantastic month in my business.

Big hugs,


[12 Tips] Get the Putty Out and Save Yourself some Pennies


As you set up your business you are super conscious of the pennies, making sure each one goes as far as you can right? You haggle with everyone to get the best rate and do a lot on your own. 

I know I did (and still do!) so that I could get the most out of what I was spending. Maybe you are new to the entrepreneur world and don't know where to spend your money to get the most out of it. I found it all really daunting. 

Walking re-sized.jpeg

I took advice from a plethora of people and still ended up back at confused. I remember sending my first flyers to the printers. I had designed them myself, they cost me $500 and I barley slept a wink that night hoping there wasn't a typo on them. 

Ironically I was so tired the next day that I couldn't think clearly to see if there was in fact the feared mistake. I hear many of you expressing the same fears and we over come these in my One-on-One Program.

Once you have the systems in place many business owners don't take time to re-evaluate their practises and leaks start to appear in their profit. When was the last time you looked at your subscriptions ? 

So many times we let profit leak out of our business when we get in the flow and start making money. I love the tips Bryony Thomas's new book Watertight Marketing discusses. 

Here are 12 new business leaks to put some putty in. Keep the profit bucket full by asking yourself these questions. Start at the top as without the customers all the other leaks won't matter! 

1. Forgotten customers
Do you have consistent customer communications? Does your comms proactively addresses their service needs keeping your business in their minds? Or have you sold to them once and then thought NEXT? Wrong – go back to your faithful customers and see what else you can do for them. 
2. Poor on-boarding
Is there a structured approach to communicate with your new customers as they settle into the relationship with you? Does it demonstrate that your service is consistent with the expectations they had? 
3. No emotional connection
Does your visual and written style have a personal touch? Is it friendly? Does it allow people to make an emotional connection with your business? 
4. No gateway
Does your business offer a coherent set of products that lead helpfully from one to the next? Do you include a stepping stone that allows people to understand what it's like to be a customer before they are one? 
5. No critical approval
Is there a clear way of educating anyone who could veto the purchase decision? 
6.No proof
Are you systematic about signposting some sort of proof against every promise or claim that you make? 
7. Information overload
Do you have a steady stream of relevant information that invites people into finding out more? 
8. How
Is your content available in a range of familiar and novel formats? Can people engage with ease and enjoyment? 
9. Where
Have you put your materials in three places that you know your potential buyers already access? 
10. When
Have you made a commitment to timing the release of your materials that is convenient to your buyers? 
11. Who
Is there a way of getting people talking about your business so that buyers hear something good about you? Externally and internally? 
12. What
Do you have an absolute clarity of purpose in telling people what your business does? 

And everyone loves a cheeky something for free so here it is -

13. No emotional impact
Do you strike an emotional chord with your potential buyer? Do they take notice of you? Do they feel compelled to take action? 

You won't have all of these holes in your business. Some might need a tweak and others a big bit of putty. So get plastering and keep the profit in your bucket so you have more to live the life you desires. 





Putting my new website out there feels like I have been doing renovations in my house; the builders have left. I am frantically tidying up ready for all my friends and family to come and see the progress. The paint is still drying, the toilet roll holder isn’t screwed in to the wall, pictures need to be hung and there are over 50 guests coming. Eeek! Do you have this overwhelm with your website too?

I have to live by my own business coach’s mantra – Done is Better than Perfect. Can you relate? Just get it DONE and off the To Do List. Have you just got your website out there or are you still putting it off, thinking I must get on with that? I feel your pain.

Launching your website can be terrifying, especially if you are a new entrepreneur, branching out on your own or wanting to reach new people in the online world. Have you got all the links right? Am I being clear in my messaging? Please don’t let there be a spelling mistake!

Having a website is an extremely public way of letting the world know what you stand for and what you do. This is fantastic! Allowing you to create opportunities all over the world. However, being visible on-line shows your following exactly what you have been up to all these days. Scary huh? I agree. Let’s all take a deep breath together, fear is excitement without breath according to Eat, Love, Prey writer Elizabeth Gilbert.

We all need to realise that a website is also never ‘finished’. There are people out there wanting your services and products; you have a duty to reach out to them. So, wherever you are, just get your site out there and keep tweaking and tuning it.

Taking my own advice, I have launched the site and am loving the feedback already! I am so grateful. I welcome yours too! Please comment below or pop me an email. I am super pumped to share my knowledge with all entrepreneurs in the future. Let’s create the ripple effect of health, fitness and wellness together!

Thank you for your support!