Take Time to Celebrate Your Wins


Who takes time to celebrate these days? We would all like to think we do. Yet most of the time we move so fast we barely stop to pat ourselves on the back, let alone open the champagne and truly celebrate.

I know I was guilty of achieving and then thinking “Next!”. I spent nine years training diligently and racing all over the world in an attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Champs. It was a dream of mine to swim in the warm Hawaiian waters, cycle in the winds to Hawi and cross that famous finish line on Ali’i Drive. I chipped away at my dream for nine whole years, trying to perfect the race that would allow me to qualify. It took 18 attempts at the Ironman distance to qualify for the World Champs. When I finally got to Hawaii, it was a magical day. The best day of my life. 

And, yet you know what, I still haven’t celebrated the completion of this nine-year goal. After the race I flew home to New Zealand and ploughed straight back into my business. I had ticked the list. What was next? Perhaps you can relate to this mindset?

Celebrating wins is so important as it creates the reward system that then attracts more abundance into our lives. When we rush on we don’t show true appreciation and gratitude for the situation or achievement. Taking time to stop, and let the achievement sink in, will uplift your spirit to keep moving forward. As a result more wins will come your way.

I learnt the hard way. Several weeks after I got back from Hawaii I came down with a viral infection that had me glued to my bed for three weeks. Something that drove me, and everyone else around me, bonkers. I missed the Manaslu Mountain Trail Race (an eight day running race in Nepal) and my business suffered without me. My clients suffered without me too. All my diligence had not paid off. I hadn't taken the time to be grateful nor celebrated what I already had. Feel yourself nodding to this? A familiar pattern emerging?

So, I encourage you to make a point of celebrating this week. Do it! However big or small the achievement is, raise the roof in celebration. It might be a new client or a new section on your website. You might have developed a new program or managed to get your taxes in order early. Maybe it's a new logo created or you hit your sales target. It could be as simple as being positive every day in your business.

Whatever the achievement is – celebrate it!

Now if you will excuse me I am going to open a bottle of Verve Cliquot and celebrate a fantastic month in my business.

Big hugs,