What shock does it take to get you to take action?


I had a mixed weekend if I am honest with you Penny and wanted to share with you why. I was outside my house at 5am on Saturday morning, not even the sun had taken off her PJ’s at this time; two friends and I were driving to the first of the Ocean Swim Series. The season was kicking off at Mount Maunganui (3 hours away), where we would swim around two islands.


The water is so clear you can see the crabs at the bottom and jelly fish pulsing along. While navigating the islands, 900 other people and the jelly fish I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. And oddly it was to me; for always putting myself out there. I rarely waiver in my decisions and have a ‘give it a go attitude’. I mean, really Penny you are probably thinking I am mad to go in 15 degree water, loaded with stinging jelly fish and 3,600 legs and arms bashing around me. And if I had really thought about it I would have to agree with you.

As we were leaving the event it became apparent that one swimmer was unaccounted for. He was found and pronounced dead on the beach. 


Now, I don’t want to this to be a downer email. After the shock, it reiterated to me that I am so proud of myself for really going for my dreams everyday. Right from completing 18 Ironman's to closing $250,000 deals. I have always just gone for the top.


I did a Facebook Live (watch here) about ‘What shock does it take for you to take action’, based on the recent earthquakes here in New Zealand. And this drowning was another example of a shock in life that then sends people on a chain of action events realising that there is no time to be unhappy with life. 


Maybe you have had a health scare or a loved one die or a natural disaster that has made you think ‘stuff this, I am making the most of my life’ and taken action. 


Or maybe you haven’t and think ‘I’ll take up the piano next year’ or ‘I’ll make more money in 2017’.


I am here to tell you Penny not to wait for the shock and take action everyday to head towards your dreams. 


You have the power within you to be successful and make your dreams a reality. 


All you need to do is dream big enough, yep, the ones of gigantic jelly fish proportions, and then set tangible steps to achieving them. 


Then, and this is the important part, stick to it each and everyday to hit those tiny steps. Before you know it something you thought was miles out of reach and only a dream will be right in your hand. 


A great example is weight loss. You want to loose 5 pounds yet you know you need to loose it evenly and sustainably by increasing exercise and decreasing the sweet treats. Everyday you have to give attention to this in order to hit the big goal of 5 pounds or 3 kilograms. 


It is the same with your dreams or desires. So don’t wait for a shock to drive you in to action. Do it today and start turning your dreams in to reality. 


You have got this!