Learn the Loophole in FB Group Guidelines

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Facebook groups are the gold rush of the entrepreneurial world. Seriously. The opportunities are endless; Mark Zuckerberg has said he's focusing on groups, too, so get ready! 

But there are rules of engagement. . . .

You may have your own group, and you’re certainly a member of others. 

But no matter how strict or loose the page’s rules, people in groups are always going to private message other people in the same groups. 

Admins just have to get over it. #sorry #notsorry

It’s a loophole you should be taking advantage of!

Group owners can’t monitor which members message each other outside of the virtual walls of the group. Should it bother them? NO!

People are building stronger connections and networking, and that’s a community-building thing! 

What you need to do is show up in your groups, providing great content and leading with value to create a reputation of knowledge and likeability among the people you interact with.

Once you interact with people, invite them to your biz page to engage with you on the next level! 

Then build up your true following of community-based people who love you and want to buy from you. (Think dream clients that become a part of your world)

Want to know how to do that ? 

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