Putting my new website out there feels like I have been doing renovations in my house; the builders have left. I am frantically tidying up ready for all my friends and family to come and see the progress. The paint is still drying, the toilet roll holder isn’t screwed in to the wall, pictures need to be hung and there are over 50 guests coming. Eeek! Do you have this overwhelm with your website too?

I have to live by my own business coach’s mantra – Done is Better than Perfect. Can you relate? Just get it DONE and off the To Do List. Have you just got your website out there or are you still putting it off, thinking I must get on with that? I feel your pain.

Launching your website can be terrifying, especially if you are a new entrepreneur, branching out on your own or wanting to reach new people in the online world. Have you got all the links right? Am I being clear in my messaging? Please don’t let there be a spelling mistake!

Having a website is an extremely public way of letting the world know what you stand for and what you do. This is fantastic! Allowing you to create opportunities all over the world. However, being visible on-line shows your following exactly what you have been up to all these days. Scary huh? I agree. Let’s all take a deep breath together, fear is excitement without breath according to Eat, Love, Prey writer Elizabeth Gilbert.

We all need to realise that a website is also never ‘finished’. There are people out there wanting your services and products; you have a duty to reach out to them. So, wherever you are, just get your site out there and keep tweaking and tuning it.

Taking my own advice, I have launched the site and am loving the feedback already! I am so grateful. I welcome yours too! Please comment below or pop me an email. I am super pumped to share my knowledge with all entrepreneurs in the future. Let’s create the ripple effect of health, fitness and wellness together!

Thank you for your support!