How to Turn FB Friends into Buyers

Are you making lots of ‘friends’ on Facebook but not converting them into buyers?


I remember when my coach told me to accept all friend requests coming through. Ugh. I didn’t know these people, nor did I want them seeing me sweaty or muddy (or both) on the weekend.

My Facebook profile was MINE.

Yet there were 191 people who fit my ideal client profile wanting to be friends with me. Either that or they were ahead of where I was in the coaching or online business world. 

So I took the plunge and accepted them ALL!

Suddenly I had over 1,000 friends, and my somewhat private life on Facebook, which we all know now was never really private, was out there for all to see. I will be honest. It took a while to adjust and see my Facebook profile as an extension of my business and not a place to indulge with friends.

And you may have done the same thing! You were hoping that these so-called new friends would turn into buyers, right? Surely that is why they connected with you . . .

I am here to tell you that it takes a bit more than a friend request before people are ready to hand over their credit card and proclaim their undying love for you! 

HOWEVER, these people DO want to connect with you. Because people buy people—not products and services. They want to connect with you and see themselves in you; they want to see you’re a ‘real’ person, and this is what makes the sale so easy in the end.

Tips to Turn ‘Friends’ into Buyers

  1. Always lead with value first
  2. Be real. They are actually a real person on the end of messenger. Get to know them just like you would a friend.
  3. Invite them to your biz page for more value.
  4. Have offers on your biz page.
  5. Make offers to them offline (after you have done #2 WELL) and tailor the offer to them.

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