That Monday morning feeling. It happens to us all. How to fix it.


After an amazing weekend it can feel rather draughting to head back in to a working week. I know that when I worked for the big corporates I used to take a big breath when I left the house. I’d then battle the traffic, quickly clearing my messages at the lights, knowing that a lot of work was needed to be done in the week ahead. 

Now I own my business I don’t have that Monday morning battle. I do still take a deep breath though. And this morning was rather unique. 

You see I woke this morning to news that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake had rocked the South Island of New Zealand during the night. Reading the news that was coming in I felt for the people of the area. It looked scary and I was glad to live out of the fault line zone. 

I had so many messages from friends around the world checking in on me. This really touched my heart. It made me realise how thankful I was to surround myself with amazing woman, all in the entrepreneurial world, that support me not only in business but in my personal life too. 

I have been part of a group for the past six months where we were all learning, growing and developing together; this has brought us together in a unique strong bond. You know what? I am so grateful to have this support network around me. It makes the Monday morning deep breath easier to handle when I know that I can reach out to any of them and share my fears, my doubts and ask for support. 

It was at our graduation at The Ritz in London last month that I realised having that support network around you is not only about having someone to have a glass of bubbles with (virtually or in the flesh) but is also to support you through the not-so-easy times too. 


It is always easy to find someone to celebrate wins with you. It is almost impossible to find someone to mastermind with you to get out of a funk. Maybe you can relate?

So I ask, who have you got supporting you?

It was through my reaching out for coaching support I made this break through. I can now enjoy Monday’s, and any other big tasks that come along, knowing that I have a fantastic group of colleagues all taking a deep breath to tackle the week ahead. 

I want to encourage you to find this support too so that you can have both the celebrations and the doubt-hugs. Look around you and see who you want to have in your support network. Do you want to emulate them or perhaps have them mentor you. Do you feel you need coaching to get this support? Whatever path you take, make sure you take action. Know you are not meant to do this alone. 

Just like the people in the South Island being evacuated, they will support each other to feel safe and loved. You can do this in your biz and life too. 

I believe in you!