Why does hearing your own voice make you cringe?


As I head off to Peru for two weeks I have got my video back and want to share it with you . Everyone has a story and I am super excited to share mine with you.

Check it out!

For me the filming part wasn't scary at all. I felt totally comfortable looking at the camera's and sharing my story with you. What did feel uncomfortable was watching the replay back again and hearing my own voice. Why is hearing your own voice so cringe worthy?

I know I am not alone. It was comforting to find out the very first thing that comes out of anyone's mouth after Oprah interviews them is 'was that good enough?'. Even Beyoncé asked! 

Let me tell you , you are normal. We all have these fears when showing our vulnerable selfs. 

Elizabeth Gilbert sums fear up in such a fantastic way in her book Big Magic. Gilbert describes fear as always present and we shouldn't try to suppress fear. Instead embrace fear and know it will always be along for the ride. Fear can sit in the passenger seat, play with the radio, put the window down; but it can never drive. You are the driver. 

When you are putting yourself outside of the comfort zone by being creative, take your friend fear along with you and see what magic happens.

I hope you love getting to know me more in my video and why I am so passionate about serving the action takers in the health, fitness and wellness world.



Smiles, Clicks and Takes - it's imagery day!


It is like the night before Christmas here. Tomorrow is a big day! I have a photoshoot in the morning and then recording an introductory video in the afternoon. It is all go!
I'm surrounded in pink clothes, have my teeth whitening trays in my mouth and I'm asking the Universe (strongly) that the weather will be OK tomorrow. I am hoping that I magically loose several kilos' overnight too. Yep, I want it all.

I'm super excited to be taking my business to the next level and bringing more imagery alive for you all. I can't wait to start my video series and move into the YouTube platform. Eek! I always wanted to be the weather girl when I was little. So much so I even tried to change my name by de-pole to Penelope as I thought it sounded posher for when I was on TV presenting. 

So, why am I having more photos taken when I already have some on my website you may ask . And why video too? Good questions. I am not insane. There is method in my madness. Honest! Here's why, and why you should look at your own imagery. 
Having images that portray your business and why clients should choose you is extremely important when looking at your branding and website. You need everything to seamlessly work together; words and images. Your website is your handshake in the online world. 
Look at your website as if you were your clients. Does what you are offering match the images? As an example; you're buying a holiday to Italy and the pictures are all of Disneyland. It just wouldn't work right? 

How are your images working for your biz (on not) on your website? 
Video is another way to bring your website 'handshake' alive. Video is all about bringing you, your brand and your services alive. Video is on the rise too as peoples preferred consumption choice. 

YouTube is the third largest website after Google and Facebook as people self-select what they want to watch. Even when it comes to buying a house. Yep, properties for sale advertised with a video have a 400% greater sale rate than those without.
So, what is stopping you ? 

Does your imagery sing about your business and give a firm handshake?
Most of my clients find having photos taken or being on camera a daunting thought. I know I did. Now I can't wait! 
My tip to my clients and to you  is to book a day out of your calendar, get your hair and make-up done (dudes can too!). Be relaxed and enjoy a day of being all about you. Really think about what your clients would resonate with. Most importantly keep your imagery authentic to you and your business. The day will fly by in a flash of smiles. I promise!  
I can't wait to have a fab day and then share the photos and video with you all. 
Send me good weather vibes!

Much love,