You're not meant to be awesome at sales...YET!

I was just answering a question in the Get Momentum Mastermind group and realised that most people don't want to ask about how to get more clients on a Live with me as they look like they're failing and not they tell the world they are.

This strikes me as a bit bonkers; however I get the fear and ego around the decision.

In your head you tell yourself the story that no-one will work with you if your not getting clients like everyone else. Because obviously if you're booked out then you're good at your job right?


But I want to call BS on that.

If you're booked out and have no time left to talk to new clients then you need to -

  1. Get a sales team to take your calls so you can scale (I know a company if you need this-PM Me)

  2. Raise your prices because your selling ourself too cheap.

So if you're not booked out and you don't need a sales team and your prices are right AND STILL struggling to find leads, or convert your community to paying clients then ASK FOR HELP!

There is no shame in asking for help. You were not put on this planet to be a sales expert. More likely you were put on the planet to be in service to others and make their lives better through your work.

But you can't help them if you don't have a little bit of sales and marketing help. And that's a crying shame to keep your talents hidden because you feel like a dick asking for help.

So I'll take the pressure off turning up to one of my Lives and asking. Instead hit me up in a PM and we can have a chat about what you need to tweak to get clients flowing to you xx

Penny xx

What really happens in a 6 hour work week

Do you ever want to know what people REALLY do during the day in their business? Like how do they structure their day and what do they prioritise?

I've been asked this a lot lately by people on Instagram and in my Get Momentum Mastermind.

You see I let the cat out of the bag and said I only have 6 hours a week to work on my business while Josh (my now 1 year old walking bubba - see IGStories for the cutest little clip) is in creche.

2x3hour blocks a week.

I don't work crazy hours in to the night while he's asleep too, cause this biz momma is training to run the Chicago Marathon next weekend and needs her recovery sleep.

I do get up early in the morning though, but not to work on my biz, but to fit in my run training before Josh starts the day with a bellow at 7am.

SO, how do I fit it all in?

How do I still have a functioning business and one that is growing daily?

Firstly, I cut out A LOT of activities in my business that were not 1. bringing me joy, 2. helping serve my clients in the highest way.

In other words I cut out all the crap. For example - I no longer do summits, I no longer coach 1:1, I no longer run the Live version of 60Days to $3k. I no longer make episodes for MoneyPennyTV.

I hunkered down and focused on one way of working with me - the Get Momentum Mastermind is now the only way I work with clients...and I LOVE IT!

I focused on one Social Media stream as the primary focus - Instagram.

Your turn - where can you cut out noise and distraction and really focus?

Secondly, I batch! Anything that can be scheduled is!

I use Planoly for my IG and send it to Facebook too. Sure it's not perfect way of doing it but I can help many more woman by focusing on progression, not perfection.

My newsletters out - I try to write them well in advance and schedule them to go out on the correct days. It's not perfect and sometimes the scheduling goes all wonky, but I am gentle with myself and know I am still making an impact, even if it is going out to your inbox at midnight!

If you need help in working out what you can automate in your biz then I geek out on that - hit reply and I can help!

Thirdly, I had to get alternative in the way I was working. I had to think of ways to incorporate my spare time to have multiple wins at once.

Instead of going for a run and then sitting down for an hour reading my book, I now listen to audiobooks while I am running. Sure, I don't get to make notes in the book, but I do get to be inspired and motivated by new ideas and ways of working.

I wrote my first draft of my book while voice recording it on app while walking the endless miles you do with a stroller and a new born! This way I got the content out of my head and in to the laptop and it was on it's way to being the book that is coming out soon.

I am going to read some chapters of the book out loud before the pre-release date in the Get Momentum Entrepreneurs Facebook Group this coming week - so jump in and have a listen to get ahead of the game. You can even listen in while you're doing something else I won't mind!

Penny x

...I'm scared...

I’ve been reading through my book edited copy this week - man does that bring up some fear! Yikes. I have been on a roller coaster from 'this is AWESOME' to 'this is head in my palms dreadful'!

A book is soo permanent! Once it's published its out there forever...and ever!

Soo many people can judge me on what is in the pages. Will it be revolutionary for you...or will you find loads of mistakes and be disappointed...


This crazy loop is going around in my mind constantly.

Until I read my own book on mindset and realised that I needed to take a pill of my own medicine. Why do we not listen to ourselves?!

**extract from Get Momentum - Your Ultimate Guide To Create $100k in 100 Days Without Fear, Overwhelm and Burnout**

"We start with the Woo first and for some of you this may be super frustrating as you just want to get on to the Doo section where you feel you’ll actually get the results. I was the same too when I joined my first group program. But what I quickly came to realise was that without a rock solid mindset that was free of limiting beliefs and money blocks I wasn’t going to have the business of my dreams, let alone the life of my dreams.

Business is 50% mindset and 50% strategy. Yet so many focus only on the strategy and then wonder why they can’t fill their group programs or a very common one, why they have a roller coaster relationship with their finances. One month is great and then the next three are dreadful. This can all be down to mindset and the vibe you’re putting out in to the world. Woo woo I know. And I was such a non-believer too.

Yet once I started to work on my mindset, every single day, my business grew and not just a little bit but A LOT! So dive in to the chapters that follow with an open heart and a sense of experimentation. Don’t knock it until you try it right?

Strap in and keep the pages turning. Lock in the highlighter (pink is the preferred colour!) and let’s get your idea and business out to the world.

Because if you have the idea in you, it is there for a reason. And that reason is not to be taken to the grave with you. It is time to flourish, my friend!"

Once I read this to edit it, I had to work out why I was feeling so wobbly about my book coming out. The procrastination on working on the manuscript and having to have everything 'perfect' is rooted in the fear that someone might find a typo or think it is shit.

Yet, holding on to this fear is stopping me from helping thousands of woman have a slice of economic freedom.

My fear of not being liked by a few people is stopping hundreds of Mums around the world have a side hustle and provide a better life for their children.

My insecurity about not pleasing everyone means that I am not making a stand for woman to be courageous and have a business and life that they love for themselves.

I share this not to have a pity party or looking for attention.

I share this with you so you too can have a look at your business and see where you're letting your fear/insecurity/excuses stop you. This is your MINDSET holding you back.

If you want to Get Momentum in your business you need to speed equal time on your mindset as with your strategy (doing the Doo). Get clear on what is really holding you back. Dig deep and see what you uncover.

If it's deep and too hard, I'm here for you - hit reply and let me know.

Big love,

Penny x

P.S. Jump on the waitlist for my upcoming book and be the first to get the pre-release bonuses!
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Remove The Icky

Sales is not to be feared.

Trust me - I see the sweaty palms and uncomfortable twitching in the seat you're doing right now! I SEE YOU !

But it doesn't have to be this way.

When you create a sales script that is authentic to you and you know off-by-heart it be easy and dare I say it FUN! Just like how you can brush your teeth with your eyes closed, that kinda natural ease. This is what we're looking for.

But how you say?

By knowing that you are worthy. You are the shniz at what you do. You truely are . No-one knows just what you do and how you deliver that thing. That is unique to you.

The person on the other end of the transaction wants a bit of that special sauce that only you can provide.

So show them proudly how they can buy that from you. Don't lower your vibe, your voice or your tone and certainly NOT your prices.

I go in to huge amounts of depth on how to create a bespoke script in my new upcoming book (Get Momentum - Your Ultimate Guide To Create $100k in 100 Days Without Fear, Overwhelm and Burnout) that doesn't make you feel icky. That feels like you're lying on the couch reading a book #bliss.

Guess what - you get multiple Yes's when you're confident and relaxed when it comes to your sales.

Here is a free cheat sheet to print out and put on your wall in front of you when you're making offers to stop you feeling icky and step in to your confident pants when making an offer.

I know this works as it's been tested...heavily! Like on the Million Dollar Level work. We used to use these with my sales team in the corporate world. Before each sales rep went in to a store to sell a product they would flip the visor down in their car and read why they were awesome and going to kick ass. Then feeling pumped they would go in and BE that awesome person.

You can do that too.

SO go on take 3 mins and Get Momentum -
1. Download the card
2. Print it out
3. Spend 3 minutes and fill it out
4. Stick it on the wall
5. Take a pic of it and post to your stories on Instagram, tag me in @penny_elliott_ and show me how you've removed icky and Getting Momentum!

I know you can and can't wait to share how you are so awesome!

Big love,

Penny x

6 Super Easy Ways to Get Momentum in Your Business TODAY​​ and Start Seeing Results.

Get Momentum Flywheel.png

Momentum is defined as 'mass in motion' and in business this mass in motion is successes collected along the way.

The groovy part of momentum is that the more you get in momentum the more successes you have and therefore that fuels more momentum and more successes and then you're in this fly wheel that just keeps spinning and growing.

That's why I am obsessed about being in momentum.

In all areas of my life.

For example - I am running the Chicago Marathon in 5 weeks time. I have been in training for 3 months now. Each week I have built up the distance in my runs. I have a schedule on cupboard door in the kitchen where I keep track of my weekly milage. Some people say this number tracking is obsessive and a little sad.

But this is where they're missing the point.

Seeing my successes grow gives me the courage to go a little longer and a little further the next week, and then the following week and so on. The success from the previous week gives me the zing to stay in momentum for the following week.

And all of a sudden a 30km run on Sunday doesn't seem so scary as it did when I wrote the plan 3 months ago.

Bring this ideology into your business and use your mini success to build momentum in to huge successes.

Here Are 6 Super Easy Ways to Get Momentum in Your Business TODAY and Start Seeing Results.

1. Track how many leads came in to your business this week. Add 10% and shoot for that many more next week.

2. How engaged is your following? Take a look at your insights, write it on the wall, then engage with them for the week. Track that number and see it move upwards.

3. Remove the things that you don't love doing and focus on what you do. This will give you the success feeling and you'll feel so much more motivated.

4. Take your clients success as you success.

5. Show up everyday for your tribe - be persistent and consistent

6. Create a plan, make it mini steps each week, track your progress, put it on the wall so you see it daily.

Show me how you're getting momentum in your business! Take a picture of your plan and tag me in in it in Instagram @penny_elliott_

I can't wait to see your successes xxx

Big love,

Penny x

How Much Sleep Do Entrepreneurs Really Get?

Sleep - it's magic....when you get it...

But such a pain in the butt when you have to sleep instead of hustling in your business right?

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to just keep going like the Energizer Bunny until your whole To Do List was complete and you'd grown your Empire?

Alas - we are human and it's not how we are designed.

So many Masterminds I have been in I've come across woman up all night and day hustling away to grow their businesses. Touting 15 to 16 hour days wearing a droopy eyed badge of honour. Sure their businesses were growing and doing well.


and this is the BIG BUT...(and not the booty big butt kind)

...they ALL got burnt out, despondent, spent more than they were making in pursuit of growth, lost connection with their family and started to have health issues arise.

They were forced to scale back or worse - quit.

Interestingly we actually get MORE done when we sleep. Counterintuitive right?

The lovely side effects of great sleep in business are -
- you show up more enthusiastic to your clients
- you have great creative ideas and power
- you're bubblier on sales calls resulting in people buying from you more
- you look alive in your social media (important for people wanting to be like you and therefore buy from you)
- you have greater resilience when the preverbal hits the fan meaning you don't lash out on socials and regret it in the morning - you're gracious
- you have energy once you've finished work to spend with your family and friends

How you drop tools and switch off to get sleep is important in the quality of sleep you get too. It's not just about the hours in the sack.

Having had a baby a year ago (party this weekend - so check out Instagram for the story!) I did extensive research in to how to get the deep restorative sleep I needed.

You see I was getting in bed and getting 8 hours, yet wasn't feeling rested. Once I did the following #sleephacks my deep sleep extended each night and I started to wake up feeling fresh again.

Excitedly Sales started to pick up again and managing a business and a baby seemed much more tolerable. (my husband would say that I stopped moaning too....!)

Here are my #sleephacks to make you a better biz owner...

1. Work out what time you time you need to get up the next day. Then count back 9 hours. This is your go to bed time. Knowing that you'll muck around for a bit and then when you finally get in bed it will take you a bit to fall asleep, especially if you've been hustling all day. This will then give you a full 8 hours.

2. Set you phone to turn off ALL apps at 9pm. This will force you to put your phone down. It's incredible when you do this. My phone usage time went down by an hour a day, with this one simple move. Did my community miss me - um no. Did I miss out on anything on FB or IG? Um no. DO IT - cut the cord!

3. Get yourself a pair of rad Swanny's like the cool kids. Pop them on an hour (or more) before bed and block out the bright white and blue light. This helps your brain wind down and allows you to get in to deeper sleep - where the magic happens in both body and mind.

4. Pop a CBT or Copbia tablet before bed. This was one of the magic ingredients for me. I was sceptical, yet after a few nights my restorative sleep went from 20mins to an hour! Massive improvement.

5. GET IN TO BED. Stop fannying around and GET IN. So many people are doing 'one last thing' when really it can wait and your sleep is so much more important.

So how many hours a night do entrepreneurs get?

Successful ones, like multiple 6 and 7 figure ones that are crushing it every day - a religious 8 hours of deep sleep a night. It is the cheapest and easiest way to emulate your hero's in the entrepreneurial world.

If you want to know more, I am obsessed by sleep, I have a whole chapter coming up in my book. So stay tuned for the release date.

Big love,

Penny x

75% of sales come here...


As you know I have a baby, well he's nearly a toddler - the big First Birthday is next weekend! And I have structured my life to be able to spend time with him at play groups while still running my business.

One of my fellow new Mum friends has decided to start a side hustle so she too can have the freedom to be with her twin girls. EmpowerMumsNZ is her new venture and she is kicking off with two live events - brave huh?!

I asked her how the ticket sales were going on Monday while feeding babies and watching them throw everything out of the toy box and around the play group. Real professional meeting huh?!

She was a bit for-long that she hadn't sold them all yet, despite talking about the events to everyone and anyone she knew.

Once I told her not to worry, that in fact 75% of sales come in the last 24 hours she perked up a bit. She then had renowned vigour to keep showing up and talking about her events.

You too may not know that no matter when you close the cart for a sale, or an event, or a service or course - 75% of the sales you'll get for that promotion will come in the last 24 hours!


Because as humans we are inherently lazy.

We always look for the path of least resistance (think about getting up in the dark and cold rain to go running or staying cozy in bed) and we always leave things to the very last minute (think about when you had to hand assignment in at school or college - all nighter ring any bells?!).

Keeping these facts in mind, no matter how motivated you are, you need to encourage and be obvious that their time is coming to and end and they need to take action.

So many times clients think their product isn't any good but in fact it is...people might not be buying because of these ten reasons...

The ten REAL reasons people aren’t buying from you straight away..

1. They looked at the offer on their phone and want to pay on desktop and haven’t got to it yet

2. They got distracted by a notification and then went down that rabbit hole and completely forgot

3. They wanted to pay but had to find their credit card which was in another room and on the way they got distracted and went to the loo and then went to get a coffee and then totally forgot.

4. They put it on their ‘to do list’ as they still have a while before the offer goes away, no need to rush these things.

5. They need to ask someone and then the timing wasn’t right and then they got wrapped up in another conversation.

6. They wanted to pay but had to find their credit card and said they would do it in between the next episode but forgot and watched the next epp and then the next one and then thought ‘yikes I better get to bed!’.

7. The toilet got a crack in it and so that took top priority for the spare cash that week. (This actually happened to us this week!)

8. There were too many details to put in and so got annoyed and thought ‘I’ll do that later’ and later hasn’t come yet.

9. They think there are loads left so there is no rush to get one right now.

10. They want to do it with a friend, but the friend is taking ages to get back to them so they’ll wait and see.

Can you see how you need to be TOP OF MIND and attention grabbing in todays distraction world?

Be blatantly obvious, make it easy for purchase, encourage early birds by added value and be prepared for the last minute rush of sales with extra customer service support.

Much love,

Penny sign off no padding.png

Goal for the rest of the year.


It's not too late to salvage your goals of 2018!

Remember back to January 1, 2018. ...

You were full of gusto and motivation to make 2018 YOUR year.

You might have written out goals, or planed out the year based on launches, products, number of clients, revenue generated and vowed not to do what didn't serve you in 2017.

I know I did.

I love to plan and have diaries and planners on the wall and hit BIG goals.

So finding out I was pregnant on Jan 3 really blew up my business planner, my training diary, my race calendar AND my earning projections.

Maybe you've had some life circumstances thrown at you this year that have take you off track a bit too.

You know what though?

It's not too late to get back on track for the last 3 months of the year and knock your goals out of the park!

It's time to not be ashamed of the goals that you wrote down and haven't hit yet.

It's time to stop seeing other achieve what you want.

I know there are lurkers in my community that are seeing ladies hitting $3k in 60 Days and more, or $30k months in Get Momentum Mastermind and have been watching for a year or more and there is nothing worse than seeing someone else living the life you want or dreamed for yourself.

So it's time to get the goal-train back on track!

There is still time to turn this year around.

Use this 3 step process to get your butt back in action TODAY!

1. Redeclare your goals and WHY you want that goal. Be clear and have strong connection to WHY you want to achieve this goal. Anchor this goal to a strong reason to your why and motivation. This will keep you on track you through the up's and downs so you achieve the goal.

2. Don't move the goal post, do change the way you approach the goal. It is tempting to change the income goal as you haven't hit what you wanted so far.

Say you wanted to hit a million dollars a year this year and you have been offering a million people a $1 item. You haven't sold anything to date. Don't change the goal, change the approach - choose a different way to get to the million dollars. Get the help and strategy you need to get to your goal. Pick someone who has paved the way for you and get a new approach to your goals.

3. Hitting goals is simple in business - BUT do you have a system that creates your Rich and Relaxed Lifestyle? It is easy when you're - constantly attracting clients, charging the right prices that create value and have amazing delivery that gets clients results. This gives you the profit and business growth to give you more free time to enjoy life (and hit your non business goals!).

If you're not hitting these goals now then you owe it to yourself, your family AND your future clients to change your strategy so you can have the greater impact in the world you know you were put on the planet to do.

These people are out there searching for you can't find you. But they can't find you if your business, sales and marketing isn't dialled in then they can't find you.

It's not about abandoning your goals, it's about finding a new path to hit those goals.

There are only 9 Saturdays to Christmas. How are you going to get back on track and the right strategy? Let me know in an email back.

Big love,

Invest in yourself first


This makes me really sad and then a bit mad; if I am honest with you .

I have seen an influx of woman with amazing business ideas that are stone broke they can't invest in the right processes or mentorship.


Because they are on the content wagon.

Ever said to yourself - once I create this next course or product and sell some people in to it I will then be able to afford to work with XYZ or buy ABC for my business?

Yep. . . .

I am going to call us all on the BS line.

What you're effectively saying is that you'll go to University to get the degree once you've got the job you want. See how backwards that is? You could never be a doctor or an accountant without having done the degree first.

I went to uni for 5 years to get my Masters in Science. And racked up a significant student loan too. Yet, that is normal and expected path to getting in to the corporate world right?

However when it comes to the entrepreneurial journey I see time and time again woman creating more and more content in hope that one might land and they will make enough to then 'enrol in the degree'.

And this makes me sad....

Because over 90% of businesses never make it past the first year in business.

They fail.

They spend all their savings, pour copious amounts of hours in and end up back at a j-o-b. Deflated and despondent.

If this is where you're at , or you've been close, then I feel for you. I have been there. A failed group program launch, bills coming out my eye-balls and about to start to create another course...

It wasn't until I realised I was in the constant 'create' mode and took different actions step did my business and group programs turn around.

I don't want you to be stuck too. i am going to share with you The Seven Steps to Creating Saleable Content

Here is my fool-proof-way to create content that WILL sell and bring in the cash flow you need to keep growing your business.

1. Invest in yourself and your business first, even if you don't have the cash right now. Leverage your credit, borrow from family, have a big eBay sale in your house. Because when you have the right mentor and the path already paved for you, then you can't go wrong. You accelerate your success and minimise the time spent getting it wrong.

2. Understand your ideal client and where they are at right now. This is very different to where you think they should be! Remember back to when you first started and had your break through - this is where they are at now.

3. Gauge interest and if this product or service has an interest in the market.

4. Do a test run/pilot study or a few clients for free.

5. Use these clients as testimonials to prove your system is the business.

6. Sell some places


Make sense ?

Hope so and you'll stop the content creation wagon :)

Big love,

Geese and Business


As the season changes you can see the migration of animals and in particular birds.

As this natural migration occurs you too move in to the last quarter of the year. It's time to look at your goals and see what you need to place attention to in order to get you there. What is it that you need to get you to the goals you set in January this year?

Taking a lesson from Nature and her years of experience - Geese make the changes every year to a more fruitful location to achieve their goals.

🐦 Geese fly in a formation.

The flap of their wings gives the birds that follow as easier flight. By flying in this V formation the whole flock has a 71% greater flying range.

Business lesson - Surround yourself with people who have carved the path for you and support you because you'll get there faster and quicker.

🐦 Geese fall out of the formation.

They suddenly feel how hard it is to fly alone and scoot to the back of the formation to take advantage of the uplifting power of the birds in front.

Business lesson - It is hard doing business on your own. Stay in formation with those who are heading where you want to go. Don't be afraid to get help to keep moving forward.

🐦 Geese honk in formation

To keep up momentum and speed geese honk to each other for encouragement.

Business lesson - Surround yourself with people encourage you loudly. Where encouragement is loud and strong from peers, productivity is much greater. Your values will be cherished and loved to accelerate your success.

🐦 Geese get sick

When a goose falls out of formation from illness, two geese drop back to fly down and help and protect her. They stay with her until she is well enough to re-join the formation.

Business lesson - Have people in your life that stand by you through difficult times, get you strong again and bring you back up to speed.

I ask again what is it that you need to get you to the goals you set in January this year?

Do you need -
- support from someone who've paved the way already?
- accelerate your success with proven support?
- not be afraid to ask for help in areas you're not succeeding in?
- be in a group of encouraging woman who shout your successes?
- get a hand up out of a rut?

Be honest with yourself. You still have time to knock those goals out of the park!

Big love,

Panel Interview for SMM



Including my expert panel Anna Henke, Amber Toro and Karen Hobi.


What is the one thing that gets you fired up?

For Amber Toro it's digital marketing! With four years of experience in the industry Amber is a social media marketing and content creation pro! She has the experience, strategy, and know how to get your message heard.

When Amber isn't managing your social media accounts she's busy playing with her two kids, training for her next triathlon, or cooking up a storm!

If you are ready to make an impact with your social media accounts fund out more at


Anna Henke is the entrepreneur behind the blog and the business The Resident Writer.

With six years of experience in marketing and copywriting, she helps female entrepreneurs develop messaging that represents their brands online so that they can move forward in financial freedom and live out their dreams. Anna has a passion for books and reading.

In her free time, Anna has contributed to several devotional books and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Learn more at


Karen loves getting you organised and specialises in VA and OBM services.

She specialises in being the person behind uploading content and making sure everything runs to the date and smoothly.

Hailing from the Philippines Karen has a wonderful family and loves all new tech things!


How to Grow Your Facebook Group - for FREE


Are you pursuing the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle? If you are, then you need to get your booty into our Facebook group. It’s the Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs, so you can go and find that. But first, I want to tell you about how to grow your Facebook group, because that's really important to me.


There are several ways that you can grow your Facebook group quite fast.


Number one is to invite people into it. Popping a name in and creating some content on the inside isn't gonna do diddly squat unless you invite people into it. So, make sure you invite them in and encourage them to invite their friends as well.


Number two is have a welcome gift. There's nothing worse than going to someone's house and arriving empty handed, right? So you want to invite people in and give them a gift when they come into your group. You can put it in the file section and direct them there every time you welcome them in.


That brings me to point number three. Create a welcome post for new members, and tell them to go and collect their free gift. You can also tell people on your list and on all your other social media platforms that you have a free gift in the Facebook group, so they can go and grab that right there.


You can also start your Facebook group off with a challenge. There's nothing better than inviting people in and creating that community right at the beginning by giving them something that is of high value. Create a challenge that takes them from point A to B, leads them through a transformation, and showcases your abilities as well.


So hopefully that helps, and remember you're only one sale away from the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

Penny+sign+off (1).png

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