Unsure on how much to charge?

Pricing....good ol pricing

How much do I charge? A common question amongst clients and community.

It goes something along these lines....

You know you would love to go BIG and have a sweet price on your service or product.

But then what about the people who can't afford it? What will they do? And more over, how will they feel?

Yikes, you could look like a greedy bitch...

Best to keep the price more obtainable for all then.

Yes, that feels better. A cheaper option so everyone can buy and be involved.

Surely you'll sell more being more affordable too (don't want to use the 'cheap' word as that sends the wrong message to the Universe...), yes more affordable.

Sound familiar?

Yet hear me now - by letting this fear in (my prices are too high, no one will pay) and the ego desire to be loved by everyone (keeping your prices low to please everyone) WILL NOT make your sales go up.

Sounds crazy right?

But who buys a Louis Vutton bag for $10?


And if you did and it came with a letter of authenticity you'd still doubt it to be real.

Don't be the $10 hand bag - be the real deal.

"easy for you to say Penny" I hear you muttering.

I hear ya.

So I wanted to share with you the 3 steps we use in the Get Momentum Mastermind to find the sweet spot for pricing. One where you don't sell yourself as the $10 handbag nor are you so unobtainable that you even think you're a fraud.

Step 1 - Spend a good hour or more going over your experience and client testimonials. Show yourself how friggin amazing you truely are.

Step 2 - Now you're pumped on how good you are pick a 'crazy as' price tag. Write it down. THEN pick a 'OMG that is sooo crazy cheap' number and write it down. Then pick a number between those two. Write that one BIG.

Step 3 - Sit what that number written big. How does it feel? OK? Then bump it up a bit. How does it feel now? Still OK? Bump it up a bit more. Keep going until the price tag feels uncomfortable.

You now have your new price.


Now share it with your world and be confident about it!

I know you can do it.

Big love,

Penny x