Top 10 Ways to Find Leads This Week

I'm feeling generous and want to help you get more leads in to your business this week, so I am sharing with you the Top 10 ways to Find Leads that I share with the ladies in the Get Momentum Mastermind.

All for you .

Why leads?

Because having more leads coming in to your business gives you two things...

1. More clients, meaning you get to the work you love and help so many people. Having more people interested in your work gives you confidence and a sense of pride as you see your business grow. You're really DOING IT!


2. More leads means more clients and that means more money in the bank. This gives you the ultimate freedom to be able to have the things you want - maybe it's a new car or a new handbag? Or maybe you buy yourself some more time by hiring a VA or a baby sitter so that you can sit down in a cafe and read your book in peace. YOU get to choose.

Download the Top 10 Ways to Find Leads This Week here >>
Download the doc, pick one and implement it this week and then do a story about it in Instagram and tag me in it @penny_elliott_ and I'll share it with my audience too! #doublewin

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