You're not meant to be awesome at sales...YET!

I was just answering a question in the Get Momentum Mastermind group and realised that most people don't want to ask about how to get more clients on a Live with me as they look like they're failing and not they tell the world they are.

This strikes me as a bit bonkers; however I get the fear and ego around the decision.

In your head you tell yourself the story that no-one will work with you if your not getting clients like everyone else. Because obviously if you're booked out then you're good at your job right?


But I want to call BS on that.

If you're booked out and have no time left to talk to new clients then you need to -

  1. Get a sales team to take your calls so you can scale (I know a company if you need this-PM Me)

  2. Raise your prices because your selling ourself too cheap.

So if you're not booked out and you don't need a sales team and your prices are right AND STILL struggling to find leads, or convert your community to paying clients then ASK FOR HELP!

There is no shame in asking for help. You were not put on this planet to be a sales expert. More likely you were put on the planet to be in service to others and make their lives better through your work.

But you can't help them if you don't have a little bit of sales and marketing help. And that's a crying shame to keep your talents hidden because you feel like a dick asking for help.

So I'll take the pressure off turning up to one of my Lives and asking. Instead hit me up in a PM and we can have a chat about what you need to tweak to get clients flowing to you xx

Penny xx