What You Need to Know About Your Email List, Our Privacy Policy, and GDPR


Yawn - are you BORED of Privacy Policy emails? I know I am.

I'm also surprised at some of the mailing lists I'm on and haven't heard from in YEARS! 

This prompted me to do a video series on why your email list is not GOLD like everyone tells you!

Here is Part 1 and Part 2

And in Part 3, I tell you why you need to DELETE people despite what the masses tell you.

Your list is not a number collecting game. Each person on your list is real, just as you are a real person on my list.

Because you are real and not a number, we're not going to do anything silly with your details and stalk you. Have a look here at our Privacy Policy so you know we're legit. 

If you want to know more about how to protect yourself under GDPR then jump in to the Sales Superhero Entrepreneur Facebook Group and watch this week's Midweek Masterclass, where you'll find out all about GDPR and why it applies to you, regardless of where you live.

Midweek Masterclass Extravaganza with Christy Westerfeld >>

In a nutshell you need to -

1. Update your Privacy Policy to be GDPR compliant.

2. Have this linked to ALL places where you collect peoples name/email/data.

3. Not put anyone on your main mailing list just because they have opted in for a freebie. 

Pretty simple huh? 

Big love,

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P.S. Don't be afraid to delete people off your mailing list...see here why...