...I'm scared...

I’ve been reading through my book edited copy this week - man does that bring up some fear! Yikes. I have been on a roller coaster from 'this is AWESOME' to 'this is head in my palms dreadful'!

A book is soo permanent! Once it's published its out there forever...and ever!

Soo many people can judge me on what is in the pages. Will it be revolutionary for you...or will you find loads of mistakes and be disappointed...


This crazy loop is going around in my mind constantly.

Until I read my own book on mindset and realised that I needed to take a pill of my own medicine. Why do we not listen to ourselves?!

**extract from Get Momentum - Your Ultimate Guide To Create $100k in 100 Days Without Fear, Overwhelm and Burnout**

"We start with the Woo first and for some of you this may be super frustrating as you just want to get on to the Doo section where you feel you’ll actually get the results. I was the same too when I joined my first group program. But what I quickly came to realise was that without a rock solid mindset that was free of limiting beliefs and money blocks I wasn’t going to have the business of my dreams, let alone the life of my dreams.

Business is 50% mindset and 50% strategy. Yet so many focus only on the strategy and then wonder why they can’t fill their group programs or a very common one, why they have a roller coaster relationship with their finances. One month is great and then the next three are dreadful. This can all be down to mindset and the vibe you’re putting out in to the world. Woo woo I know. And I was such a non-believer too.

Yet once I started to work on my mindset, every single day, my business grew and not just a little bit but A LOT! So dive in to the chapters that follow with an open heart and a sense of experimentation. Don’t knock it until you try it right?

Strap in and keep the pages turning. Lock in the highlighter (pink is the preferred colour!) and let’s get your idea and business out to the world.

Because if you have the idea in you, it is there for a reason. And that reason is not to be taken to the grave with you. It is time to flourish, my friend!"

Once I read this to edit it, I had to work out why I was feeling so wobbly about my book coming out. The procrastination on working on the manuscript and having to have everything 'perfect' is rooted in the fear that someone might find a typo or think it is shit.

Yet, holding on to this fear is stopping me from helping thousands of woman have a slice of economic freedom.

My fear of not being liked by a few people is stopping hundreds of Mums around the world have a side hustle and provide a better life for their children.

My insecurity about not pleasing everyone means that I am not making a stand for woman to be courageous and have a business and life that they love for themselves.

I share this not to have a pity party or looking for attention.

I share this with you so you too can have a look at your business and see where you're letting your fear/insecurity/excuses stop you. This is your MINDSET holding you back.

If you want to Get Momentum in your business you need to speed equal time on your mindset as with your strategy (doing the Doo). Get clear on what is really holding you back. Dig deep and see what you uncover.

If it's deep and too hard, I'm here for you - hit reply and let me know.

Big love,

Penny x

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