Remove The Icky

Sales is not to be feared.

Trust me - I see the sweaty palms and uncomfortable twitching in the seat you're doing right now! I SEE YOU !

But it doesn't have to be this way.

When you create a sales script that is authentic to you and you know off-by-heart it be easy and dare I say it FUN! Just like how you can brush your teeth with your eyes closed, that kinda natural ease. This is what we're looking for.

But how you say?

By knowing that you are worthy. You are the shniz at what you do. You truely are . No-one knows just what you do and how you deliver that thing. That is unique to you.

The person on the other end of the transaction wants a bit of that special sauce that only you can provide.

So show them proudly how they can buy that from you. Don't lower your vibe, your voice or your tone and certainly NOT your prices.

I go in to huge amounts of depth on how to create a bespoke script in my new upcoming book (Get Momentum - Your Ultimate Guide To Create $100k in 100 Days Without Fear, Overwhelm and Burnout) that doesn't make you feel icky. That feels like you're lying on the couch reading a book #bliss.

Guess what - you get multiple Yes's when you're confident and relaxed when it comes to your sales.

Here is a free cheat sheet to print out and put on your wall in front of you when you're making offers to stop you feeling icky and step in to your confident pants when making an offer.

I know this works as it's been tested...heavily! Like on the Million Dollar Level work. We used to use these with my sales team in the corporate world. Before each sales rep went in to a store to sell a product they would flip the visor down in their car and read why they were awesome and going to kick ass. Then feeling pumped they would go in and BE that awesome person.

You can do that too.

SO go on take 3 mins and Get Momentum -
1. Download the card
2. Print it out
3. Spend 3 minutes and fill it out
4. Stick it on the wall
5. Take a pic of it and post to your stories on Instagram, tag me in @penny_elliott_ and show me how you've removed icky and Getting Momentum!

I know you can and can't wait to share how you are so awesome!

Big love,

Penny x