What really happens in a 6 hour work week

Do you ever want to know what people REALLY do during the day in their business? Like how do they structure their day and what do they prioritise?

I've been asked this a lot lately by people on Instagram and in my Get Momentum Mastermind.

You see I let the cat out of the bag and said I only have 6 hours a week to work on my business while Josh (my now 1 year old walking bubba - see IGStories for the cutest little clip) is in creche.

2x3hour blocks a week.

I don't work crazy hours in to the night while he's asleep too, cause this biz momma is training to run the Chicago Marathon next weekend and needs her recovery sleep.

I do get up early in the morning though, but not to work on my biz, but to fit in my run training before Josh starts the day with a bellow at 7am.

SO, how do I fit it all in?

How do I still have a functioning business and one that is growing daily?

Firstly, I cut out A LOT of activities in my business that were not 1. bringing me joy, 2. helping serve my clients in the highest way.

In other words I cut out all the crap. For example - I no longer do summits, I no longer coach 1:1, I no longer run the Live version of 60Days to $3k. I no longer make episodes for MoneyPennyTV.

I hunkered down and focused on one way of working with me - the Get Momentum Mastermind is now the only way I work with clients...and I LOVE IT!

I focused on one Social Media stream as the primary focus - Instagram.

Your turn - where can you cut out noise and distraction and really focus?

Secondly, I batch! Anything that can be scheduled is!

I use Planoly for my IG and send it to Facebook too. Sure it's not perfect way of doing it but I can help many more woman by focusing on progression, not perfection.

My newsletters out - I try to write them well in advance and schedule them to go out on the correct days. It's not perfect and sometimes the scheduling goes all wonky, but I am gentle with myself and know I am still making an impact, even if it is going out to your inbox at midnight!

If you need help in working out what you can automate in your biz then I geek out on that - hit reply and I can help!

Thirdly, I had to get alternative in the way I was working. I had to think of ways to incorporate my spare time to have multiple wins at once.

Instead of going for a run and then sitting down for an hour reading my book, I now listen to audiobooks while I am running. Sure, I don't get to make notes in the book, but I do get to be inspired and motivated by new ideas and ways of working.

I wrote my first draft of my book while voice recording it on rev.com app while walking the endless miles you do with a stroller and a new born! This way I got the content out of my head and in to the laptop and it was on it's way to being the book that is coming out soon.

I am going to read some chapters of the book out loud before the pre-release date in the Get Momentum Entrepreneurs Facebook Group this coming week - so jump in and have a listen to get ahead of the game. You can even listen in while you're doing something else I won't mind!

Penny x