6 Super Easy Ways to Get Momentum in Your Business TODAY​​ and Start Seeing Results.

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Momentum is defined as 'mass in motion' and in business this mass in motion is successes collected along the way.

The groovy part of momentum is that the more you get in momentum the more successes you have and therefore that fuels more momentum and more successes and then you're in this fly wheel that just keeps spinning and growing.

That's why I am obsessed about being in momentum.

In all areas of my life.

For example - I am running the Chicago Marathon in 5 weeks time. I have been in training for 3 months now. Each week I have built up the distance in my runs. I have a schedule on cupboard door in the kitchen where I keep track of my weekly milage. Some people say this number tracking is obsessive and a little sad.

But this is where they're missing the point.

Seeing my successes grow gives me the courage to go a little longer and a little further the next week, and then the following week and so on. The success from the previous week gives me the zing to stay in momentum for the following week.

And all of a sudden a 30km run on Sunday doesn't seem so scary as it did when I wrote the plan 3 months ago.

Bring this ideology into your business and use your mini success to build momentum in to huge successes.

Here Are 6 Super Easy Ways to Get Momentum in Your Business TODAY and Start Seeing Results.

1. Track how many leads came in to your business this week. Add 10% and shoot for that many more next week.

2. How engaged is your following? Take a look at your insights, write it on the wall, then engage with them for the week. Track that number and see it move upwards.

3. Remove the things that you don't love doing and focus on what you do. This will give you the success feeling and you'll feel so much more motivated.

4. Take your clients success as you success.

5. Show up everyday for your tribe - be persistent and consistent

6. Create a plan, make it mini steps each week, track your progress, put it on the wall so you see it daily.

Show me how you're getting momentum in your business! Take a picture of your plan and tag me in in it in Instagram @penny_elliott_

I can't wait to see your successes xxx

Big love,

Penny x