Goal for the rest of the year.


It's not too late to salvage your goals of 2018!

Remember back to January 1, 2018. ...

You were full of gusto and motivation to make 2018 YOUR year.

You might have written out goals, or planed out the year based on launches, products, number of clients, revenue generated and vowed not to do what didn't serve you in 2017.

I know I did.

I love to plan and have diaries and planners on the wall and hit BIG goals.

So finding out I was pregnant on Jan 3 really blew up my business planner, my training diary, my race calendar AND my earning projections.

Maybe you've had some life circumstances thrown at you this year that have take you off track a bit too.

You know what though?

It's not too late to get back on track for the last 3 months of the year and knock your goals out of the park!

It's time to not be ashamed of the goals that you wrote down and haven't hit yet.

It's time to stop seeing other achieve what you want.

I know there are lurkers in my community that are seeing ladies hitting $3k in 60 Days and more, or $30k months in Get Momentum Mastermind and have been watching for a year or more and there is nothing worse than seeing someone else living the life you want or dreamed for yourself.

So it's time to get the goal-train back on track!

There is still time to turn this year around.

Use this 3 step process to get your butt back in action TODAY!

1. Redeclare your goals and WHY you want that goal. Be clear and have strong connection to WHY you want to achieve this goal. Anchor this goal to a strong reason to your why and motivation. This will keep you on track you through the up's and downs so you achieve the goal.

2. Don't move the goal post, do change the way you approach the goal. It is tempting to change the income goal as you haven't hit what you wanted so far.

Say you wanted to hit a million dollars a year this year and you have been offering a million people a $1 item. You haven't sold anything to date. Don't change the goal, change the approach - choose a different way to get to the million dollars. Get the help and strategy you need to get to your goal. Pick someone who has paved the way for you and get a new approach to your goals.

3. Hitting goals is simple in business - BUT do you have a system that creates your Rich and Relaxed Lifestyle? It is easy when you're - constantly attracting clients, charging the right prices that create value and have amazing delivery that gets clients results. This gives you the profit and business growth to give you more free time to enjoy life (and hit your non business goals!).

If you're not hitting these goals now then you owe it to yourself, your family AND your future clients to change your strategy so you can have the greater impact in the world you know you were put on the planet to do.

These people are out there searching for you can't find you. But they can't find you if your business, sales and marketing isn't dialled in then they can't find you.

It's not about abandoning your goals, it's about finding a new path to hit those goals.

There are only 9 Saturdays to Christmas. How are you going to get back on track and the right strategy? Let me know in an email back.

Big love,