75% of sales come here...


As you know I have a baby, well he's nearly a toddler - the big First Birthday is next weekend! And I have structured my life to be able to spend time with him at play groups while still running my business.

One of my fellow new Mum friends has decided to start a side hustle so she too can have the freedom to be with her twin girls. EmpowerMumsNZ is her new venture and she is kicking off with two live events - brave huh?!

I asked her how the ticket sales were going on Monday while feeding babies and watching them throw everything out of the toy box and around the play group. Real professional meeting huh?!

She was a bit for-long that she hadn't sold them all yet, despite talking about the events to everyone and anyone she knew.

Once I told her not to worry, that in fact 75% of sales come in the last 24 hours she perked up a bit. She then had renowned vigour to keep showing up and talking about her events.

You too may not know that no matter when you close the cart for a sale, or an event, or a service or course - 75% of the sales you'll get for that promotion will come in the last 24 hours!


Because as humans we are inherently lazy.

We always look for the path of least resistance (think about getting up in the dark and cold rain to go running or staying cozy in bed) and we always leave things to the very last minute (think about when you had to hand assignment in at school or college - all nighter ring any bells?!).

Keeping these facts in mind, no matter how motivated you are, you need to encourage and be obvious that their time is coming to and end and they need to take action.

So many times clients think their product isn't any good but in fact it is...people might not be buying because of these ten reasons...

The ten REAL reasons people aren’t buying from you straight away..

1. They looked at the offer on their phone and want to pay on desktop and haven’t got to it yet

2. They got distracted by a notification and then went down that rabbit hole and completely forgot

3. They wanted to pay but had to find their credit card which was in another room and on the way they got distracted and went to the loo and then went to get a coffee and then totally forgot.

4. They put it on their ‘to do list’ as they still have a while before the offer goes away, no need to rush these things.

5. They need to ask someone and then the timing wasn’t right and then they got wrapped up in another conversation.

6. They wanted to pay but had to find their credit card and said they would do it in between the next episode but forgot and watched the next epp and then the next one and then thought ‘yikes I better get to bed!’.

7. The toilet got a crack in it and so that took top priority for the spare cash that week. (This actually happened to us this week!)

8. There were too many details to put in and so got annoyed and thought ‘I’ll do that later’ and later hasn’t come yet.

9. They think there are loads left so there is no rush to get one right now.

10. They want to do it with a friend, but the friend is taking ages to get back to them so they’ll wait and see.

Can you see how you need to be TOP OF MIND and attention grabbing in todays distraction world?

Be blatantly obvious, make it easy for purchase, encourage early birds by added value and be prepared for the last minute rush of sales with extra customer service support.

Much love,

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