Invest in yourself first


This makes me really sad and then a bit mad; if I am honest with you .

I have seen an influx of woman with amazing business ideas that are stone broke they can't invest in the right processes or mentorship.


Because they are on the content wagon.

Ever said to yourself - once I create this next course or product and sell some people in to it I will then be able to afford to work with XYZ or buy ABC for my business?

Yep. . . .

I am going to call us all on the BS line.

What you're effectively saying is that you'll go to University to get the degree once you've got the job you want. See how backwards that is? You could never be a doctor or an accountant without having done the degree first.

I went to uni for 5 years to get my Masters in Science. And racked up a significant student loan too. Yet, that is normal and expected path to getting in to the corporate world right?

However when it comes to the entrepreneurial journey I see time and time again woman creating more and more content in hope that one might land and they will make enough to then 'enrol in the degree'.

And this makes me sad....

Because over 90% of businesses never make it past the first year in business.

They fail.

They spend all their savings, pour copious amounts of hours in and end up back at a j-o-b. Deflated and despondent.

If this is where you're at , or you've been close, then I feel for you. I have been there. A failed group program launch, bills coming out my eye-balls and about to start to create another course...

It wasn't until I realised I was in the constant 'create' mode and took different actions step did my business and group programs turn around.

I don't want you to be stuck too. i am going to share with you The Seven Steps to Creating Saleable Content

Here is my fool-proof-way to create content that WILL sell and bring in the cash flow you need to keep growing your business.

1. Invest in yourself and your business first, even if you don't have the cash right now. Leverage your credit, borrow from family, have a big eBay sale in your house. Because when you have the right mentor and the path already paved for you, then you can't go wrong. You accelerate your success and minimise the time spent getting it wrong.

2. Understand your ideal client and where they are at right now. This is very different to where you think they should be! Remember back to when you first started and had your break through - this is where they are at now.

3. Gauge interest and if this product or service has an interest in the market.

4. Do a test run/pilot study or a few clients for free.

5. Use these clients as testimonials to prove your system is the business.

6. Sell some places


Make sense ?

Hope so and you'll stop the content creation wagon :)

Big love,