Geese and Business


As the season changes you can see the migration of animals and in particular birds.

As this natural migration occurs you too move in to the last quarter of the year. It's time to look at your goals and see what you need to place attention to in order to get you there. What is it that you need to get you to the goals you set in January this year?

Taking a lesson from Nature and her years of experience - Geese make the changes every year to a more fruitful location to achieve their goals.

🐦 Geese fly in a formation.

The flap of their wings gives the birds that follow as easier flight. By flying in this V formation the whole flock has a 71% greater flying range.

Business lesson - Surround yourself with people who have carved the path for you and support you because you'll get there faster and quicker.

🐦 Geese fall out of the formation.

They suddenly feel how hard it is to fly alone and scoot to the back of the formation to take advantage of the uplifting power of the birds in front.

Business lesson - It is hard doing business on your own. Stay in formation with those who are heading where you want to go. Don't be afraid to get help to keep moving forward.

🐦 Geese honk in formation

To keep up momentum and speed geese honk to each other for encouragement.

Business lesson - Surround yourself with people encourage you loudly. Where encouragement is loud and strong from peers, productivity is much greater. Your values will be cherished and loved to accelerate your success.

🐦 Geese get sick

When a goose falls out of formation from illness, two geese drop back to fly down and help and protect her. They stay with her until she is well enough to re-join the formation.

Business lesson - Have people in your life that stand by you through difficult times, get you strong again and bring you back up to speed.

I ask again what is it that you need to get you to the goals you set in January this year?

Do you need -
- support from someone who've paved the way already?
- accelerate your success with proven support?
- not be afraid to ask for help in areas you're not succeeding in?
- be in a group of encouraging woman who shout your successes?
- get a hand up out of a rut?

Be honest with yourself. You still have time to knock those goals out of the park!

Big love,