How to Talk to Your Email List

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Today I’m sharing how to talk to your email list.                     

It’s important that you don't just see them as a big number out there, because each and every one of those people is an individual person behind their laptop or their phone. 

They each want to feel like you're writing directly to them, so make sure that you have a picture of your ideal client in mind. When you're writing an email, write directly to that one person.

Think about how they're receiving your emails and in what format. That's super important, because you are coming into their personal space with your email.

Now, to visualize that, let's say you have three thousand people on your email list. Imagine three thousand people coming over to your house for a dinner party. Overwhelming, right? So, make sure you realize that's just how many people you're contacting every time you send out an email. 

Make it personalized, make it directly to them, and most of all, make it relevant with lots of value to create those raving fans and lots of opens.

Remember, you're only one sale away from that Rich and Relaxed lifestyle. Much love.


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