Create a Business Plan You Won't Take to the Bank


I'm here to tell you how to create a business plan that you ain't going to take to the bank, girl. No way. 

Because you know what? 

A business plan is a document that is just for funding or to appease the other people wondering where you're hidden.

And what I'm here to tell you is that business is serving and following your gut intuition and being persistent and consistent. And those things are too hard to put down on a business plan.

So I'm here to relieve you of the pressure of a business plan. I want you to sit down; I want you to write down what your goals are and what your dreams are. Get to 20 of those, business and pleasure, because we want to marry the two of them. That's how you have a Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

Once you get to twenty personal and professional goals, you're there. You have a business plan. Start working with the low-hanging fruit, which I call the easiest sales that you can bring in.

Now if you want to know about the easiest sales that you can bring in, then jump into our program, 60 Days To $3K, where we can help you to create free attraction marketing so you can get those customers coming in.

What I don't want you to do is spend hours and hours and hours creating a business plan if you're so exhausted at the end of it—and not actually sure what the next step is—that you can't move forward.

So make sure that you’re always being persistent and consistent moving forward, and you're making decisions from your gut, because those are the ways that you grow your business in a true, authentic way to yourself.

So I hope you feel relieved now that you don't need to go through a huge business plan process, and you are ready to live that Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.