The Importance of Staying Fit While Running Your Own Business


Today I want to tell you about the importance of staying fit when you run your own business. 
Now, I love staying fit, but there are days—I must admit—when I think, "I really need to get this done in my business, and I don't have time for fitness.” 

That can roll into another day and another day and another day, and you know what ends up happening? My ideas go stale; my creativity goes stale. My sales slow down, because I'm not being the best version of myself. 

To have a fit mind, you need to have a fit body. 

Now that doesn't mean you need to go and enter an Ironman, like I've done, or a marathon. It can be as simple as getting outside in the sun for a walk. 

What this does is lower your cortisol. It puts more oxygen into your brain and your body. It also allows you to step away from technology and really reconnect with nature, your body, and your mind. 

Exercise is where the best ideas, inspiration, and actions steps come from. 

I hate to tell you, but they don't come from sitting behind a laptop doing lots of research and Googling everything. 

Creativity hits when you are sweating, pumping iron, walking outside—whatever it might be. It's about staying fit. 

The other thing about staying fit is that you're going to live longer. 

There's so much research out there that shows you're going to have much more energy, and your clients are going to love you for it. This is because you’re going to come to them as a much better version of yourself than someone stale whose been inside for the last five days.

Make sure you stay fit so that your business stays fit, too. I can guarantee you that your sales will reflect your level of fitness as well.

Remember you're only one sale away from the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle. See you there!