Being in Constant Learn, Implement, and Hope Mode


Today I want to talk to you about whether you're in the constant learn, implement, and hope mode.


This is a real thing that traps a lot of female entrepreneurs. They're constantly learning, learning, learning, and then trying to implement—and then just hoping like hell that it will turn out well.


I'm here to tell you that if you don't have some steps in place, some statistics, years, hard numbers, hard facts, then you're never going to be able to know whether your implementation has worked or not.


I really want you to be able to have something that is measurable whenever you are implementing stuff.


So when you're learning something and you implement it, don't just hope. Know that it is all a game, and it's all about testing, testing, testing, testing.


That could be quite difficult when you're emotionally attached to the outcome, and you've put a lot of effort in on the front end. I know how that feels. Make sure that you know that running a business is a game, and it is one big game that you get to be in control of.


If something didn't quite work then don't worry, go back and test it again.


Remember you're only one sale away from the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.


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