Balance Your Content on Instagram - You and Your Business


Today I want to tell you about how to keep a balanced Instagram account, because it’s difficult. There are a lot of personal things that you want to put up, but then you also want to keep that professionalism as well.


Depending on which side of the camp you're on, you're either all out there—hot mess on the internet—or you're very guarded. You like to keep your life very private.


But I'm here to tell you that it's important to have a balance of both and not to be too far down one end or too far down the other end.


The reason why is because people buy people.


It's very important that you show what you're like, so that people can relate to you. You want them to think, oh, wow, she's just like me, and look at what she's doing, or look at what she's achieving; therefore, I can do that too, and I want to do it with her.


It's very important that you have a balance between the business side and your personal side.


What is the balance?


Well, that's up to you, but usually you'd have one or two personal posts for every three or four business posts. And you know what, with all the statistics now, you can go and have a look to see what people are looking at, skipping through, and liking.


Do more of the things that people are liking and less of the things that people are skipping over.


I hope that really helps. Remember, you're only one sale away from the rich and relaxed lifestyle.


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