Are You Surviving, Thriving, or LIVING?


Surviving, thriving, and living are the three different levels that people exist at in their business.

At Penny Comins Coaching, we try and help people get to the LIVING stage.

When you're surviving, that means whatever comes in goes straight out again. It's not a very nice place to be, because if there's not a lot coming in, then there's not much ability to go out.

If you're thriving then that means that there's a lot coming in, and it's covering all the things that are going out. You're really, really doing well!

But it isn't until you get to the living stage that the real magic happens. 

That's where there's a lot coming in to cover the stuff going out, but you also have the freedom to be able to go and live and do the things that you love and enjoy. 

It's when you have the rich and relaxed lifestyle. 

So if that sounds like you, you want to move from surviving, to thriving, to living—and really living—and be able to have the money and the time to relax, then make sure that you pop me an email at 

That's my personal email, and I will reply to you to let you know exactly how you can take the next step forward. 


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