Why the changes in FB algorithms are making me money


Why I am pleased Mark Z has made changes to Facebook....?

You've seen all the doom and gloom posts. Then the 'upbeat, she'll be right mate (kiwi term for look at the positives) blog posts telling us all to keep up with engagement and keep creating communities all in the order to get people to see your page.

I hate to break it to you...but on average only 5% of people see what you post on your FB Biz Page at the best of times.

For example we post over 21 times a week on my Biz page Penny Comins - Entrepreneur Coach. How many of you have seen these?


Scary right?

So why am I so excited about these algorithm changes? 

Because when there is doubt and change, people who aren't bold - fold. 

And it's when they fold that the bold make the biggest impact.

Take for example the stock market. When the markets are up everyone wants to invest because it feels safe. When the markets are down everyone sells up and flee's.

As Tony Robbins outlines in his amazing book 'Unshakable' when the markets are down is when the bold invest at the low stock price and sit. They wait for the markets to come back up again and reap the rewards of the increase in price. 

So instead of sitting in a place of fear and thinking dire thoughts about how your page will disappear into the ethos along with it your potential leads (and sales). It is time to invest in advertising and skip ahead of the rest who are folding (and whining, I have even seen someone wanting to sue Facebook! WTF?).

Be bold; create engaging ads that your community will devour. Have a great funnel that is proven to convert to clients and then pour the cash in the top.

Hey presto! 

You'll be taking advantage of these new changes :) 

Not sure you're ads or funnel is converting? 

Or maybe you still need to create a funnel then pop me an email.

Be ready to be bold in this changing market. Including bringing in sales.

Big love,

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