Frustration is a f________


I am bored. I want to be doing more running in prep for an ultra marathon coming up but my archils has other ideas. 

While it has that strained-I-am-about-to-pop feeling I am bored waiting for it to get better. 

If I am honest with myself underneath that boredom I’m frustrated.

This is not the first time frustration has reared its head under the guise of boredom either. 

I remember the first days of starting this business. 

I spent hours ‘launching’ my business, taking all the right steps to have everything connected up and ready to welcome a thriving community of action taking woman in to my life. 

I hit GO and sat back with a glass of Moet (bubbles of choice at that time) and felt very chuffed with myself.

Within hours I had a client. BOOM - I WAS IN THE MONEY! 

This was easy!

I poured another glass of Moet (after all they say to celebrate right?!)

And then I waited for the next client to come my way.

And I waited.

And I waited.

I got bored, this wasn’t working as I had planned (or hoped). It’s far too slow for my liking and the bank wasn’t happy with the pace either.

I started to think of other things to do but couldn’t be bothered. My passion and excitement was in THIS business, not something else.

But really I was frustrated.  

I was still hopeful that it would all work out and I would have the business I dreamed of. 

Why the F was it not all working?

Perhaps you can relate ?

Have you set your business to GO mode and heard crickets?

Have you had a couple of clients but lack consistency?

Are you feeling frustrated too with yourself? 

I feel you. And it wasn’t until I got super clear on WHO my ideal client was, what the right messaging was for them to attract them and VISIBLE (in the right places)  dream clients did it all started to work. The ease and flow came in. 

I hit my first $3k month and it was then that I had enough to buy myself a treat (more bubbles!) and pour more back in to the business to keep building relationships and growth.

If you too want to get that $3k milestone and feel the achievement then I have the proven steps to take.  You can then do as i did and keep building up until you 6 figures and beyond. 

It all comes down to getting out of that frustrated stuck state and using a system that works.

I believe in the system so much that when you hit $3k you get a special reward and if you hit $5k I’ll give you a $1,000 credit to use in my company. Yep, that is how much I believe in the process and YOU.

You’ll have 60 days to implement my proven strategy. Along the journey you’ll have a fantastic group of action taking $3k hunting woman, fun, laughter, tears and of course some bubbles.

60 Days to your First $3k Beta Program starts on Feb 6 and by being an action taker I am including the Create Your YES Offer Self Study to sink your teeth in to right now for FREE (value $197)

Stop sitting there bored and frustrated with your business, join the group, let’s get some systems in place and create those buyers. 

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P.S. We start next week, so loose the frustration and grab your spot here and get the free Create Your YES Offer Self Study worth $197.