Don’t become a failing statistic - Match your Woo with your Do dar-ling


Did you know that of the 40 percent of people who make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8 percent follow through with their goals?

Did you know the end of January is also the most depressing week of January. 

Shesh - that’s a double whammy of great news right?!

Do you want your dreams to fade over the year and become another statistic? Or do you want to stay focused all year and get results? 

This side of Christmas would you like to - 

  • Have a clear plan for achieving your goals in 2018
  • Have a daily practice that goes with you that will keep you focused, productive and on purpose.
  • Feel more in control of your life with a positive perspective everyday.
  • Manifest what you truly desire with purpose (yahuh)
  • Real daily tasks to create real results for 2018.

Drum roll please……..

(exploding emojis) And in walks the Woo with the Doo Viz Challenge! (exploding emojis)

Starting next week you're invited to a 5 day FREE challenge hosted by moi to show you just how to bring those big dreams that you float away with over your latte in to rock solid reality. 

No hairy fairy wishes here with disappointed outcomes.

Together we are going to base your 2018 goals and dreams on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology - matching the Woo with Do in a unique way to create AND achieve the goals you set yourself, your family and your business in 2018.

I use the very same system this year to create that reality which allows me to travel to 7 international destinations a year (no small feat - google ‘travel time to New Zealand’ and you’ll see what I mean) while still having a thriving business (think multiple 6 figures and clients that are toe-tingley wonderful). Oh and I got married this year too….

Show off you might think?

No - showing you what is possible.

We start on December 11 - grab your seat here  and get on with the pre-work video. 

5 days - change your habits, change your beliefs, change your life.

See you on the inside!

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P.S. Create Your Best Year YET in 2018 with this 5 day Free Challenge. Starting on December 11 you’ll get 5 days of free training and support so come Jan 1 you’re already busting moves to your Rich and Relaxed lifestyle sista!