What should you do?


This morning I was in a bit of a dilemma...

I had promised my friend I would go mountain biking with her during the day. 

Yet I wanted to get this email out and create my Bot (more of that to come).

It was a sunny day
I should go.

I want to get this awesome freebie out to my loyal community.
I should stay.

I said I would go and want to be true to my word.
I should go.

I have big goals for this month and they need my full attention.
I should stay.

And on and on

and ON

Went my mind. 

Wasting energy AND thought space.

How many times have you gone backwards and forth on a decision.

Wasting time, energy, anxiety over what you should really do? 

Is it the right time?

Is it the right move?

What will move the needle in my business the fastest?

What is the next step? 

And then when you make the decision you wonder why you wasted so much time going backwards and forth...

Yep - great leaders make decisions quickly. 

Feel the relief. 

Release all that worry.

Claim back your time. 

Penny sign off.png

P.S. Been sitting on the fence? Jump on a strategy call with me today and see just how far you can go to claim your dream business and life.  

P.P.S. I did end up going mountain biking. I loved it. And this is one of the reasons why I own my own business - freedom. How bout you?