Dread bills? Do this..


Ever get that DREAD when a bill arrives... Oh balls - I HAVE to pay that again...

WHERE is the money coming from? 

Or boo - there goes that nest egg I had.

However have you ever thought about the JOY that the outgoing brings to you? 


Today I got an email to say my payment for my coach had been processed. 


Never have I felt so excited that I get to keep working with this person for another month. 

I felt privileged and honoured that I get her time for another month. I get her continued support, guidance and skills. 

I get to be a sponge; absorb more learnings, put them in to practise. 

I can then share these learnings with my clients; the secret sauce of coaching.

I was shocked at how light and empowering this 'bill' felt. What a great feeling. 

I want to challenge you this week coming to see any bill coming in as the blessing it is.

The power bill - blessing for being able to have lights, heating, electricity to your laptop to power your business.

The kids school fees - be excited about the mind transformation they are having at school and the friendships they are making. 

Where can you see these blessings and feel empowered by how you invest in yourself and your business? 

Let me know!

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