Blown away?


As I sit here watching the footage of Hurricane Irma barreling along the state of Florida I can't quite comprehend it. I can't stop thinking about how this thought is so closely linked to income goals. 

Winds of 200mph. 

Sure - it's raining outside here, we even had hail yesterday at my running race.

But 200mph winds?!

I haven't even been in a car that drives that fast.

Formula One cars top out at 233mph. (I am a BIG F1 Fan.)

That is some ferocious wind.

Yet, here we are seeing (and some feeling) such winds and hurricane size. 

Never been seen or felt before; yet here it is - happening.

And your income goal is just the same. 

Have you thought that $10k months would be impossible? Or maybe $50k months were out of your reach?

Others are making that.

Some have $50k days.

And some even have $50k clients.

So while you think that you could never make that, it's not possible for you or you can't quite comprehend that amount of money for you. 


It is possible.

Others are doing it.

So why not you? 

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