Look around - it's everywhere....


If we look around it's every where.

The car we drive.

The petrol we put in the car.

The gas station we fill up at.

The hose the gas comes down.

The coffee we buy to keep us going.
(because we are hard working laaa-dies!)

The cup it comes in.

The plastic lid.
(all of which you recycle #savethedolphins)

The coffee beans from the other side of the world.

The water in the cup.

The little side treat.
(because we deserve it right and that run later, that we promise to do, will burn it off)

The packaging it comes in.

The colouring to dye the packaging.

What is it that is utterly EVERYWHERE?



Yep, everywhere you look there it is .... abundance.

Everywhere you look someone has taken the leap to create a new product or service to make your life easier, faster, more fun and simpler. 

They all took a risk. 

They all wondered if they would fail. 

They all got told they were crazy. 
(think about the person inventing the petrol station....um WHHHATT? Horses need food NOT gas...this car thing ain't gonna take off!)

And imagine if they hadn't. 

You wouldn't be driving and filling your car with gas so easily, you surely wouldn't be grabbing a takeaway coffee (or recycling it! #savethedolphins) and those treats...you'd have had to have baked them yourself!

So imagine what your clients life is like without you and your services ?

Selfish to keep them to yourself right? 

Get yourself out there! 

You've got to...

unnamed (1).png

P.S. Last weekend my husband and I went skiing to Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. Seeing the magic of the ski field spurred this thought process on. Check out the Live I did here (and the kick-ass scenery #comevisitNZ)