I'm reducing my rates and why you should too


Know your value and keep raising your prices. It is what we are all taught to make more money with our time right?

I am here to throw the baby out with the bath water and tell you why I am reducing my rates and so should you too.

There is no denying it - the world is volatile at the moment both politically and in the online space. 

The online space has changed and to quote a friend and colleague '2 years in the online world now is the same change we once saw over 25 years in retail'. 

Facebook isn't what it used to be 2 years ago. Organic growth and $1 conversions to your list are the 'golden old days' now. 

Many online entrepreneurs are popping up as the market becomes saturated with entry level coaches charging beyond their ability; taking their trainings from YouTube videos. 

There is a lot of 'dirty' business happening.  Too many people are getting too big for their boots (to use a Puss in Boots saying). 

News feeds are full of money making glitter that look like the 'abs in 4 weeks' type promise. Unless you want to work 24 hours a day to get the most out the program and hit this crazy short time frame you may not get that "overnight" success promised.





Dig a little deeper in to many peoples stories and you will see that years have gone in to the "overnight" success.

So how do you set your prices yet still have your feet grounded in the real world? 

The world where you get your clients results? 

The world where they rave about you to their friends, family and their clients too?

I have covered a simple exercise that gives you the right balance on a Live stream here in my complimentary Facebook group - Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs. 

Let me know what you come up with by replying to this email. 

You'll attract the right clients that will want to pay you, in full and get the results. I guarantee this!

Have a fab and abundant week ahead,


P.S. Did you see the 70% reduction in my pricing? Have a look here. No BS just pure value at an amount that will give you a HUGE income boost. Oh, and your confidence will go up to;)