Do this to keep competition at bay


We all know that when competition heats up you either rise to the game or run and give up.

I know I felt the competition weekend in my mountain bike race. It was pouring with rain and totally YUCK. I could have easily stayed in the car and read my book. Argghhh nice and warm and dry.

OR, get out and slide aroudn 25 kilometers of mud and roots. I was up for it and flipped the switch in my brain from a place of lack to a plce of fulfilment.

And that is what I want you to do in your business . 

When competition knocks what do you do? 

Do you hide?

Do you think 'oh no they stole my idea?'

Do you grab on to all that you have and protect your patch?

Or do you flip the mental switch and invite them in? 

Which is it ?

Do you take it one step further and collaborate? 

Collaboration is a hugely important key to success.

As they say - it takes a village to raise a baby. So why would you build a business in isolation? 

And boy have I been seeing collaboration in spades these past few weeks. 

I have had some amazing women, who are building their own businesses, take time out to be in a place of abundance and support me and my business.

There was Gabby Bernstien's Sprit Junkie Digital Masterclass Affiliate work, then a share a week about MoneyPennyTV interviews and in group promo's about Super Soulful Selling. 

Check it out...

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And collaboration goes both ways. This week, although in the middle of my own launch, I promoted and endorsed two awesome sales of colleagues.

What you must keep in the forfront of your mind  is that there is enough clients in this world for us all. 

Just imagine if everyone from Facebook signed up to your offer today? 

Awesome right? 

Maybe not - I ask you  how would you handle 1.44billion clients right now? 

Not so awesome now.

So when you see competition out there, take a deep breath and know that there is enough space for you and them. Team up with people to get your message out there. And always come from an abundant heart. 

You can't do better than that.

Much love, 

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P.S. Collaboration is the key to success and the best is yet to come!
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