That inner voice deserves a platform - here's how


I want you to know your voice and story is unique. 

AND that there is your unique tribe/following/community (whatever floats your boat) wanting to follow you, resonate with you and work with you.

Why do I boldly say this? 

Well I have had two amazing woman this morning contacting me about my Super Soulful Selling group program (launched last week, more on that soon) knowing that they had something inside them that they wanted to share with the world. 

Yet didn't quite know how to do it without sounding like everyone else.

Nodding your head ?

Yes, you too?

You feel that niggly thing inside you that you know you are better than where you are today. 

But just HOW do you release that desire without looking like a fool?

How do you get your message out and not sound like everyone else?

Not sound like a broken record?

Well, I hear ya! I was in the same boat. I felt like sales is the most boring subject in the world. It is like brushing your teeth - needed everyday but not exactly something you jump out of bed each day thinking 'I can't wait to brush my teeth!! yay!". Said no-one ever.

Yep thought not.

So how was I going to create a business around something so meh, something that females hate to do?

Yet, I knew deep down that sales was my gem, my calling, my passion.

I knew that I wanted to help other woman make money (and sales easy) in their businesses and in turn their lives. 

Most of all I was worried about how was I going to stand out from the crowd?

And not sound like I was selling cars, used ones!

And then it dawned on me. 

Everyone's story is different and resonates with people in a different way. 


For example - my selection of Paleo cookbooks - all the same message, each one has slightly a different take on paleo and recipe ideas.


Then there is all my athlete cooking books who want to give you oomph while training yet stay lean. They all are the same but with slight variations; often the same chicken and vegetable dish!


And then there is the cookbooks that restrict something like sugar or grain or food. They too are very similar, yet I got something new from each one.


And you know what this shows you (beside the fact I have a mild obsession with eating/cooking, being lean and books) is that they all are the same yet each book has a special place on the shelf. 


Each sells hope of a smaller arse and a healthier life. Each have their own unique story and take on how to do it. 


your story is unique and will stand strong against all the others. Even if you think you have the same proposition or idea. 

You have got this and are worthy and unique. People want (and need) your unique services and story!


Keep this in your mind, in your communication and move forward relentlessly!!


Big love,

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