Tired of being on the constant hustle?


Are you feeling exhausted? 

Yet can't afford to take a break?

I mean who will get that newsletter out? 

Who will look after Facebook?

And who will keep the house running? Not to mention groceries in the fridge?

Yep, being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming  for us all.

Yet  here's why you should take a break...

When you run a marathon you train for weeks and weeks. Early mornings, sore legs, rain, sunburn and loosing toenails. And all to get to the finish line and a medal. 

Some days the race is amazing and you cross the line so pleased. 

Other times you get blisters, your pacing was off, you couldn't drink enough or worse you poo yourself. Every time you finish you go back to your training diary, write your lessons and then put your shoes away for at least 2 weeks. 

If you don't take time off running you end up injuring yourself, you come back de-motivated and end up giving up or not committing to the training. 

Our brain is the same - we just can't see it....so we don't stop. We don't recharge. 

Have you just run a 'marathon' in your business? One that was going well and then didn't have the finish you had hoped for when you started the training. 


Good or Bad, do what any good athlete does - drink wine, eat pizza and lye round in your pants for a few days. 

Trust me - I have done 40 marathons and used this analogy when managing my sales teams post launch. 

Take some time off...give your poor brain and adrenal glands a rest. 

You'll come back stronger AND more motivated!

Much love,