Winning and Words


This weekend I won my age group in an Olympic Distance triathlon; the first time in 11 years of racing. I was (and still am) so pumped about it.

I’m not sharing this with you to show off, more I wanted to show you the power if the mind. I have always said that ‘the body will go where the mind takes it’ and yesterday was no exception. Usually on the start line I talk myself down in my own head and then spend the rest of the race thinking about the excuse post I will put on Facebook after the race to explain what went ‘wrong’.

After working with my two one-on-one coaches I now know in business this is called fear. I am fearful of success and then how will I better that next time. So it’s easier to do average to poor and not put the pressure on yourself next time to live up to the previous success. Sound familiar ?

I have a running commentary of excuses through my mind

  • I’m happy just to finish 
  • This isn't my distance
  • I've not done enough training
  • It's the beginning of the season
  • This is just a training day
  • ….blah blah blah…

And then I think about what excuse I will put on my Facebook feed about the race..

Yesterday I kept my mind present and chanted my words FIT, FAST AND STRONG over and over AND OVER. I never let another word come in to my head.

Biz thoughts tried to creep in to my mind, as did what I wanted to get done in the rest of the day, same with those pesky performance thoughts. I kept thinking of what my High Performance coach said ‘be present in what makes you happy’. Chanting in my head and being totally present, I passed three girls in the last kilometre. I was shocked at prize giving to be called to the top of the podium. 

Now how does my triathlon pertain to you and your business? 

It is a clear, quick way to show you how powerful your mind is and what you can do when you take control of your thoughts. So what thoughts are you going to squash today ? 

Those pesky ones like ‘will anyone want to buy from me’, ‘when will someone book a discovery call with me’ or ‘why isn’t this working for me?’.

What thoughts or words are you going to chant in your head while working away today?

Here are my favourites - 

  • I have signed 5 clients this month
  • Five figure months are my new normal
  • Success comes to me easily
  • I am fully booked
  • I am ready to receive; in abundance.

And my all time favourite - I have the power to be successful.

And you know what ? You do have the power to be successful. It is all in your mind so go for it!

Big hugs (watch the medal ;) ),