Finishing the year strong


As the silly season is about to start you might be starting to think about the Christmas Gift List and how many parties you need to go to. It certainly is a time that tests your energies. I know I have a list a mile long and not really sure how I will fit it all in before flying to Canada to go skiing for three weeks. 

Sales can feel a bit like the energy zapping Christmas season; constantly having to market yourself and follow up on leads. It can seem complicated and draining on your time. I mean who wants to write a sales funnel really? You need to have a lot of energy for it all!

One of my favourite sayings (and something I put in the front of all my meeting journals) is - 

Yes, you do need to be innovative, be visible and follow up. But it doesn't need to be hard. In fact it can be really enjoyable. It was only while I was out running yesterday along side the thundering Huka Falls that I thought how easy sales had made my life. 

By mastering the art of sales I have traveled the world, had lovely cars, eaten at 3-Michelin Star restaurants AND had more time to do what I love - being in the outdoors. 

I want this for you too . To be awesome at the sales part of your business so you can have more time to do what you love. As the year comes to an end I want you to finish strong so you can start 2017 on a positive note; both in your confidence and your bank account.

All anyone needs to be amazing at sales is a bit of support and the know-how. So, I have designed free coaching for the next 5 days for you to develop your own authentic sales style to convert calls to clients. The SUPER technique has come from my 15 years of sales and been an integral part of my sales of Lindor Balls to enterprise cloud based solutions. The five steps to SUPER are easy to develop and apply. 

All for free - consider it an early Christmas present from me to kick the season off. 

I want you to feel supported and able to tick off 2016 as an amazing year. Join me in my closed Facebook Group - Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs each day for the live training and a few give aways…but that is between you and me!

Set yourself up for a strong end to 2016.

See you in there!


P.S. Sales might seem complicated and in the 'too-hard' basket. But if you are in business then you are in sales. Come and be a superhero.