Ten Tips to slow down...


Coming into the Christmas Season one starts to wonder just how you fit everything in. There is the tree to decorate, presents to buy (and then wrap), a function every night and then the big day itself. It can be very easy to forget about your health, both in your body and your soul. 

I know I have felt totally overwhelmed with my To Do List before we head to Canada. Sunday afternoon I lay on the couch to close my eyes for a minute, have some calm time, and woke up two hours later! As my mother would say, ‘You must have needed it’. I then got up and cracked on with so many task, it was like I was in a Power-Hour.

Yet, it seems so counter-intuitive to slow down to be able to go faster right ? I totally get you. If you have 400 things on your list to do and Santa won’t postpone Christmas Day just because you are unorganised then how do you find and make time to slow down? And why should you?

Well, slowing down and taking time to meditate or switch off gives the mind time to heal, catch up and make fresh decisions.Your accuracy and focus increases with a rested mind. 

You can also hear your intuitive voice clearer, you know the one that says ‘go for it’ yet you don’t. Or when you drop something when you are rushing, ending up taking longer, and you think ‘I knew that would happen.’ Yep, we have all been there. 

So, to support you  in this busy time I have constructed, a list of mini-slow downs to fit in to your day. Pick two, commit to them each day leading up to Christmas and see how your efficiency improves over the day. You will feel calmer and more energised to tackle the malls, send out those invoices, book clients in and keep the turkey cooking.

  1. Make a cup of herbal tea, sit on the couch and drink it without looking at any technology or reading materials. Total switch off.
  2. Meditate for 5 minutes with your eyes closed. Not good at meditating? Neither am I. My coach said to pick a calming word and repeat it over and over again. The word might be release, calm, strong, happy or love. You choose.
  3. Go for a walk after dinner with no technology. Just stroll, take in the Christmas lights. Again, 10 minutes is enough.  
  4. List off 5 things you are grateful for before your feet touch the ground in the morning getting out of bed
  5. Stand on one leg for 90 seconds and then swap to the other leg (try this, sounds bonkers, it’s really good)
  6. Read a pleasure book (non biz related) for 10 minutes
  7. Doodle a pretty picture for 5 minutes
  8. Hug someone for 30 seconds or more
  9. Drink a pint of water in 15 seperate gulps
  10. Write an email back to me saying which ones were your favourite

We always make it through each year; this time arrive at Christmas Day fresh and feeling fab. 

You have got this!


P.S. If you didn’t catch the free training I did in my Calls to Clients Webinar here is the link to watch it. 

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