How annoying is it when prospective clients just vanish?


How annoying is it when prospective clients just vanish?


They are saying yes and super happy to work with you and then nothing. 

Nothing at all. You don’t get a response to your email, messages or calls. You don’t want to sound pushy yet your thinking WTF?! Where did you and your enthusiasm AND your money go lady!?

Well, first of all; it happens to us all so don’t beat yourself up about it. 

Leads or clients saying yes and then dropping off the planet can be boiled down to these 4 factors - 

👻 She said Yes, but wasn’t really ready to buy. She might have been gathering options, testing the waters with a few and finding out investment levels.

👻 She got what she wanted from the call and doesn’t need anymore help right now. Also falls in this category is that she got the validation she was looking for and is ready to move forward on her own.

👻 She has new priorities. Enthusiasm wains with time and external priorities become more pressing. Such as her car breaks down, the family pet gets ill, or a household bill rolls in consuming the investment put aside for you.

👻 You were too desperate. You were thinking about you, your money desires and sales goals. Desperation smells worse than rotting fish in a sales call and can be felt in an instant by a prospective lead. They are wary and don’t hold the trust to invest with you.

The answer - keep them in your loop with constant comms and know that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.