Focus on this to make more money in your biz


I want to be honest with youand share some feedback I got from a friend last week that lead to a massive shift in my biz, and it wasn't all fun. 

In a conversation about a new program I want to bring out in my biz (more on that'll be the first to know!) she said that I seem to love being outside so much that I should just focus on being active. That seemed to bring me the most joy.

Like a lightening bolt it hit me! I was slaving away in my own biz doing shit I didn't like. How on Earth was I living my mantra of Rich and Relaxed, when I wasn't doing things in my own biz that made me smile. 

Now don't get me wrong, we all need to do things to keep moving forward in our biz's that don't exactly light us up, like our tax return. Although the bigger the tax return the more successful your business has been; there is always a silver lining. 

I hung up the phone (well, hit the red button on Skype as you do now) and stomped around the house muttering 'how dare she say I wasn't passionate about my biz, I can't be outside all day, every day...' and on went the muttering. I brought it up with my husband and he listened (go hubby!). 

I then had a cry. 

It was at this point that I recognised I was going through an up-leveling process. I was taking my biz and (most importantly) my life to the next level.

The next morning I decided to focus on what I love, what brings me joy. And that is helping female entrepreneurs, like yourself, have the confidence to live a life they love through enhanced sales in their biz. Living a balanced life that is Rich and Relaxed.

I took out all the crap from my week and got on with being creative and focusing on what would serve my community the best. 

And guess what? 

I had a blast! I woke every morning to excited breaths about what I needed to do for the day in my biz. Sure, I got outside and trained, yet I was excited to get back to my desk and connect with more woman. Make a bigger impact. Help more females. 

By the end of the week I had been to 3 networking events, grown my list and Facebook group, connected with over 20 woman one-on-one, designed a new challenge to help 100's of woman grow their business and confidence.

I also had a $20k week...

by focusing on joy I got great flow in my biz and my life. I got connected to what makes me fire on all cylinders. I got in alignment with the Universe and together we had a friggin fantastic week. 

This is possible for you too . It's super easy!

Ask yourself - 

  • What brings you joy. 
  • What really makes you think 'YES!'? 
  • What activities do you loose yourself in for a few hours? (Excluding social media!) 
  • What task, when finished, makes you feel the proudest? 

Now focus your week on these. And here's why.

When you focus on what brings you joy you feel enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is the fuel for motivation. And when you are motivated people feel that, you feel that and your vibration attracts a similar frequency. Success is eminent. You can't hide from success.

And with successful results comes a new level of confidence. You know that what you are putting out their is needed and wanted. You keep going with the task or service with more joy and excitement. The lovely wheel of joy keeps turning. 

And you keep kicking ass in your biz and life.

It really is that easy .

So get the wheel of Joy rolling and have an amazing week ahead. 


P.S. Want to be one of the woman I connect with this week? I have a few places left and would love to help you with any question you have to keep you moving forward in your biz and life. Check here for a time to suit you.