Use this to get your desire...the no BS approach.


Winston Churchill said "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." and boy he should know with the amount of blunders he had.

More notably his pudgy, bowler hat clad face and fat finger is remembered with the victorious win against Germany; keeping Britains freedom.

Now today isn't about a history lesson. More to illustrate that enthusiasm and commitment is key to success .

Yet, so many times we are too scared to commit with enthusiasm to a new project, a new way of life or a new practise. 

Why? Because in a place of fear it is uncomfortable, icky and plain anxious. 

However, it is when you commit whole heartedly that the magic happens. This is when you start to take steps towards the changes you want in your life and see the glorious success. 

I see this in my own life where I followed my coach on-line for at least 18 months. I even went to the extremes of writing out the modules in her course, assigning dates to when I would 'google the heck out them' and do it on my own. 

But you know what? I was too scared to commit to the program because that would mean I was taking action to the business and life I wanted and that was all too-hard. So I stayed in limbo. I wanted to take my skills of 15 years in the sales world and help woman be awesome at their sales, yet the cushy salary and perks were oh-so-good too. 

It wasn't until I had enough of my boss telling me to be the mother of the firm and bringing me to tears in Board Meetings that I decided to make a stand for myself. 

I committed to a group program and the rest (and the multiple 5 figure investment) is history. I have never looked back and only seen growth in my business, my life and my spirituality. 

Mountaineer W.H. Murray so aptly sums up making a decision and going for it in this amazing quote:


'Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. The moment one definitely commits one-self, then providence moves too.'

Awesome right?

let's put the fear of making changes in your life to the back - what decision are you going to make today to move the needle forward in your business? 

What will you commit to today? 

There are plenty of people out there living the life you want. All you need to do is look around you. They are not more special than you, nor more talented. They just made a decision. Set it in stone and then went about having tunnel-vision-hell-bent-action-taking-relentless commitment to get there. Do you think they have failed along the way - heck yes. Did that stop them? No.

Reckon you can do it? I do. 

Now you show us by committing and kicking some ass!

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P.S. Stay tuned this week, I have a special announcement in my challenge (Book 5 Calls in 5 Days) in my Sales Superhero Facebook Group. It is exciting and scary for me, but I am committed to bringing you amazing coaching. So stay tuned for the big reveal...