Big Love


It is the day of LOVE and I wanted to share with you some love xx

If we haven't met, I am Penny Comins!

I am soon to be Mrs Elliot though! But don't worry I am keeping my wedding planning on track while still helping woman in their sales in their business so that they can bring money in to their business and live the life they desire. 

My fiance drives me mad on a regular basis and I used to worry if getting married was the right decision...hard to admit really. Yet, he loves me running around cheering when clients have success and doesn't shh me. He wants kids...I am this space!


:: I love my granola, yoghurt, berries and black coffee to start the day. Like, I am obsessed with it and started my own Paleo Muesli Company with my best friend. 

:: I'm obsessed with learning and personal development. I'm on a mission to read a book a week and love how I am the custodian of my own learning.

:: Everyday I get outside and sweat, running, swimming, cycling and SUP'ing

:: I love to get my glad-rags on and party hard (booty shaking partying!). The hang overs are lasting too long now though (old age!) so the big nights out are few and far between now!

:: I have been to 56 countries and LOVE travelling. I love the history, different food and the silence on the plane to read. 

:: I want a puppy soo bad. I often yell out 'DOGGGIIIEE' to the cute ones we pass. Poor owners must jump in fright. 

:: I live in Auckland, New Zealand. And no, it's not part of Australia!


:: Present a TedTalk

:: Inspire woman to live life on their terms by having a growing business from their passions. 

:: Be known as the Go-To-Girl for sales success

:: Leave every women with the belief that she can do, be or have whatever she chooses.


:: I've had 15 years of sales experience totalling in $15million of sales.

:: I have invested over $70k in my own development as a coach to be the best in the biz and serve woman on a high level

:: I was the Sales and Marketing Manager in building a biz from $1 - $3M in 1 year!

:: I have been locked in the bathroom with my father at age 5 waiting for the repossessing agents to leave. Gone from being dropped at school in a helicopter to a 20 year old Honda Accord. I have experienced the roller coaster of money and know how to move from lack to abundance.

:: I'm driven by results, pure and simple (both in my biz and fitness). Result-oriented strategies for my clients is what I deliver. One of my clients went from an idea to fully booked in 4 months

Another client doubled their business in 4 weeks of working together.

After excelling in the corporate world I realised that growing other peoples sales was not making me happier. Nor was having to get dressed up everyday, stick to certain hours and have restricted holiday time. I knew it was time to help struggling ladies to grow their businesses and experience mega success too! I've learned that when you know the right steps, you can make anything happen.

Happy Valentines Day!