Joy - not a woman


In my journalling this morning all I could write about was joy. Not what lit me up or what excited me but more joy. As odd as it may sound, joy and what brought me joy, brought a deeper result and showing in to how I want to live my life everyday.

You may have been asked ‘what do you want to do with your life?’, ‘what excites you?’. I know I was and all I could think of was 'making money and showing other woman how to do the same’.

Now while that is a grand idea (and the crux of what I do) it wasn’t until I dug in to what I really enjoyed doing before it all became clear. 

What excites you?

Easy right? 

A new Audi

A holiday abroad

A swanky new house

More time to relax

To work with fun people

All these are great yet how do you get to those things? This is where focusing on what brings you joy comes in. Joy is the journey. Joy is the day to days that make the exciting end results fun everyday. Joy is the little things, like seeing the sun or creating content that makes it simple for others.

Here is a few on my list of joy this morning-

Joy is having an empty inbox
Joy is feeling excited about the content I am putting out there
Joy is creating time to get my to-do-list done
Joy is being able to relax
Joy is feeling valued
Joy is feeling loved
Joy is making money doing what is easy to me AND enjoyable
Joy is loosing weight
Joy is reading and learning
Joy is being in Scott’s arms
Joy is the ocean
Joy is a good poo
Joy is writing and creating
Joy is knowing the path
Joy is feeling in control
Joy is seeing clients flourish
Joy is unexpected mail
Joy is seeing my bank balance grow daily
Joy is cracking a new IT system
Joy is a new pen
Joy is the Universe and it’s support and lessons
Joy is seeing someone joining your community
Joy is seeing discovery calls being booked
Joy is coffee and shits’n’giggles with friends
Joy is the sun

What brings you joy ?

Now, how are you going to implement more joy everyday? 

What needs to go to make room for more joy? 

Let me know with a reply email.

Much love (and joy),

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