Paddling up the Puhoi...not what you think!


This weekend my fiancé (soon to be husband, 12 days and counting!) and I paddled up the Puhoi River to have lunch at a kiwi-famous pub. Paddling from the wide sea mouth to the narrow reaches was an amazing 'switch off' from the ginormous week I had. And just what I needed to refuel the brain for this week ahead.

You see last week I hosted the first Money Mornings event, here in Auckland. I presented two sessions to 21 action taking female entrepreneurs, all about how to bring more money in to their businesses. While Lynda Moore from the Money Mentalist presented the concepts of how to see you money and value yourself. 

It was an amazing morning where the vibe was so up lifting and energetic I thought we might burst the windows. Everyone left feeling transformed, these are the ladies to watch in the near future!

Money Mornings - 15Feb17 - 5.jpg

Post event it made me realise just how aligned these events are with why I coach female entrepreneurs. The goal for most woman in business is to have consistent money coming in, tohave everything they desire in life, on their own terms.

Sales is something that if you own your own business, you need to be able to access your own sales before outsourcing. Sales is the key to your freedom, the key to being able to do what you want to do on your terms and time frame. 

So why am I so passionate about sales ? 

Money has been on my mind since I was 5-years old. Most children don't have to think about it, but I was forced to. I remember hiding in the bathroom as our house was repossessed. Someone was banging on the door trying to serve my father papers; after that everything changed. 

From that moment on, I realized a few things about money: I never wanted to be in this place again, I wanted to make my own money, I wanted to be able to live the life that I wanted, and I wasn't going to repeat my family patterns. 

As I grew up, I was reminded of that lesson again; the rollercoaster of money seemed to never end. I wanted to be able to depend on it and have stability and freedom in my life, but it seemed to be fleeting and I never knew what was around the corner. 

Again, when I graduated from University, and got into the real world I found myself focused on money again. This time from a positive place in a sales role. 

Sales lit something underneath me. It spoke to that little girl who wanted to have a positive relationship with money, to not be in fear mode and to finally break free. 

It also spoke to the achievement and driven side of me. It was some of the best days of my life, from 6-star resorts during conferences and travels to designing my own cars. Meeting exciting people and changing lives was the best part. 

What I've realized from 15 years in sales and numerous sales awards that making money isn't difficult and there's more than enough for everyone. Trust me, that's not something I believed when my dad defaulted on my school payments or I was up to my eyeballs in debt, but it's true. 

Now my mission in life is to support women like you in knowing there's a different way. You can run the business of your dreams, convert cold traffic into clients and not feel nervous or sleazy when you get on a sales call and be comfortable talking about money. 

If I can, you can too. 


P.S. Want to see a few more pics of Money Mornings? 
Full album here >>

Special thanks to Jade Thorby for capturing the day.