Why poxy prices attract poxy clients


It's been another long weekend of sunshine here in New Zealand and I am loving being outdoors in the elements. 

I'll tell you another thing that I have been loving and that is working with my current clients. I have loved seeing them understand their value and raise their prices to their correct worth.  

Amazingly (well not really as it makes sense, but does feel like magic) they are attracting super enthusiastic clients that are in turn getting ground breaking results.  

You see when you put out the right energy to the Universe you reciprocate that back. 

Think about when you go out for lunch with a friend and they are bubbly and excited to talk about what is happening and enthusiastically listening to you. You're at the same vibe and leave feeling elevated. 

Now think about that lunch again but your friend is moaning about her husband, moaning about her job, moaning about her weight, oh, and then the bill. Yep, you leave feeling fairly deflated right?

Now apply this to your client attraction thoughts and actions. 

If you want to work with amazing clients then you have to be your amazing self . And you need to charge amazing prices so your clients are invested in you, themselves and your program.  

Selling yourself short is a form of 'moaning'. It is sending out a low energy offering that is only attracting a low energy person. 

You might be thinking - But how Penny? It's alright for you because you're established.  

Well I have an exercise to help you know what your pricing limit is without feeling unauthentic. (I'm not proclaiming this to be mine either, Denise Duffield Thomas uses this with her clients too.)

Think of what you charge now .

Then think about doubling it. How does it feel? 

Now double it again. How does that feel? 

Keep doing this until you think eeeeekk Penny, that is ENOUGH. 

Now, peg it just underneath that amount and go for it! This is your new level of energy to attract the right client. You've got it  

Go forth and attract amazing clients!


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