{WARNING} 25 needles….


Lying face down with 25 needles in my back I wasn’t about to argue.

But I couldn’t help think to myself what a wasted sprit this young Chinese Doctor was. 

Don’t get me wrong; he is extremely talented (he has 25 needles in my back!) and gets fantastic results. I have felt more energetic and dropped 2 kgs too. #bonus

Yet when I asked how he got in to acupuncture and Chinese medicine he replied with ‘well my parents did, so I did too. I guess I could have been something else but I never put any though in to what I wanted to do.’

My heart bled.

How sad that he had never had the space to truly find what he was passionate about. How sad that he followed his parents as he didn’t have the guidance and ability to dream his own dreams. How sad that he was now trapped in a profession he was excellent at, that pleased his family, yet was just a way to pay the bills and fill the day for him.

Maybe you can relate to this feeling?

I certainly do!

I know I felt the size of a peanut when the owner of the company said it was good I was the only female on the Board as the Sales and Marketing Director as we needed a ‘mum’ on the team! I felt so trapped, the money was astronomically good (we’re talking bonuses that buy cars good) yet I was being treated so poorly.

In fact it wasn’t until I found my first coach and set some goals that things started to change. That I realised I didn’t have to put up with this BS Boss anymore. I could have a Rich and Relaxed lifestyle where I was valued for ME and not for being a company ‘mum’. 

I was able to create the successful year ahead that I wanted. The more I visualized what I wanted the more the money flowed in the more I got aligned. It was like magic. Soon those big bonuses were replaced in my business. 

This can be your reality too.

How much time do you give yourself to get quiet….

….get really quiet and think about what you truely desire?

And then allow that to be your reality. 

Without the pressures of parents, family, what we should be doing, how we should be seen and what we need to do to pay the bills.

I spoke openly about this need to create space here >>

My parting advice to my acupuncturist (after he removed the needles!) was - Life isn’t about finding yourself - it’s about creating yourself. 

My parting question to you - are you spending the time to create yourself? 

Big love,

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P.S. Want to create the life you desire and actually bring it in to reality? Stay tuned…for an easy hack I have coming….