I left my passport at home...


I pride myself on being organised and focused. But yesterday I WAS NOT. 

I love to remember peoples birthdays; well in advance of the reminder from Facebook. 


I even have a digital packing list so I don't forget anything.

But yesterday I strayed from my packing list and it almost cost me my holiday….

I packed the previous night and left the house today to go to the airport with that feeling I was forgetting something......but assured my brain it was just me being silly.

How wrong I was….

On getting in the courtesy van from the car parking at the airport the man driving looked in the rear view mirror and asked "has everyone got everything?"

It reminded me of a tone my Mum used…and it hit me.



I immediately jumped straight out of the minivan, grabbed my bags out of the boot, ran in to get my car key and took off.

My low flying Mazdarati was weaving between Friday afternoon traffic on the motorway home again.

I had one sole focus - 

  1. get home, 
  2. get my passport, 
  3. get back to the airport,
  4. get on my flight.


My flight left in two hours.

.....I live 40 minutes (one way) from the airport.

It is Friday and weekend traffic is building.


I could have gone one of two ways… 

OPTION 1. Panic. Have a complete melt down on the spot. Ring my husband in tears. Blame everyone else. Scream at the traffic getting in my way. Yell at myself for being such an idiot who forgot her bloody passport! And sit in the victim mode - 'why does this happen to me?'.


OPTION 2. Be focused on the issue - getting the passport.
Accept responsibility - I packed my bags, I forgot my passport.
Not be hard on myself - it's OK - these things happen. 
Stay calm in the traffic and know that everyone is on their own missions
Have faith in the Universe that if I am meant to get on that flight then I will.

I chose option 2. 

And you know what you can too.

When you hit a drama, or a speed bump in your business you can either go

Option 1 and blame everyone else. You can blame Facebook ads for not working for you, or you can blame your VA, or you can scream at technology. 


Option 2 and have ONE SOLE FOCUS AT A TIME. You can stay calm and know that the Universe has got your back. That if you focus on how to fix the issue and problem solve you'll get back on the winning path faster. 

Need help to work on being calm in the eye of the storm and keep that total focus on one goal at a time? Reply to this email and tell me your dilemma. 

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P.S. Did I make the flight in time? Watch here to see >>